Wrngs Beata Mariawrenegade Stables

Wrenegade Stables. WRNGS Belle Soliel. Barn Name: Belle Gender: Filly Color: Flaxen Genetics: ee aa gg crcr ff Foaled: September 2012 Bred By: Wrenegade Stables. WRNGS Belle Soliel WRNGS Roma's Plea DH#0027 Foundation Foundation WRNGS Beata Maria DH#0032 Foundation Foundation Points. Grand River Avenue. City: East Lansing.

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EventDate Featured Artist(s)
Plain Brown Wrapper03/07/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper04/25/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper04/26/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper04/27/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper04/28/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper04/29/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper06/20/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper06/21/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper06/22/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper06/23/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Plain Brown Wrapper06/24/1972Plain Brown Wrapper
Salem Witchcraft09/29/1972Salem Witchcraft
Salem Witchcraft09/30/1972Salem Witchcraft
Gold Rush10/06/1972Gold Rush
Gold Rush10/07/1972Gold Rush
Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves01/22/1973Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves
Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves01/23/1973Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves
Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves01/24/1973Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves
Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves01/25/1973Diesel Smoke & Dangerous Curves
Wrngs Beata Mariawrenegade Stables

Twilight saga. Breed: Drum Horse Color: Dark Bay Barn Name: Donny Status: Stud Stud Available: Yes Despite his size, Donny is an exceptionally quiet and laid-back horse, and a pleasure to work with because. Our horse camps are a 5 day, fun-filled, adventure for your little horse lover. Sessions are Mon-Fri at our facility. Overnight bunk house is provided.

Great Potential Stables, Grand Forks, North Dakota. 975 likes 86 talking about this 22 were here. Let GPS take you on the ride of your life! Offering training, coaching, showing, judging.

In 1973, a young attorney with a love for nature bought land in Jupiter Farms, FL. The property was remote and mostly under water but John Christiansen had a vision of what a beautiful place it could become. Years of hard work and attention to detail have made his vision a reality. Although John was born and raised in Miami, he was definitely influenced by time he spent at his mother’s Alabama family home. The picturesque 40 acres of BMR Stables exudes Southern charm and includes moss draped oak trees, a natural cypress swamp, a beautiful lake and acres of lush green grass.

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Wrngs Beata Mariawrenegade Stables

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For over 40 years, our family and friends have enjoyed countless BBQ’s, horseback riding, fishing in the lake and numerous other outdoor activities. We have had the pleasure of hosting numerous charity events, weddings and other celebrations. In 2014, we opened our barn to the public. After years of requests, we decided to share BMR Stables as a venue for weddings, celebrations and corporate events.

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We hope y’all will love it here as much as we do.