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NameLatest versionSize
Installer for 'Wine Stable'
SHA256: de2b23342edfa29a1518d8940992e855d30b3416084964311f184c9fdfb146a5
5.0 275M
Installer for 'Wine Development'
SHA256: 7965a0d47bb37b072f9bee06be653e9c8a2ce084f558207aa8a519d9ac5e7e64
5.7 265M
Installer for 'Wine Staging'
SHA256: 04a52f91ea515dfdcbead6fc3efefccf4e53377d17b9e818d14b44f29f184f28
5.7 275M

Emulator: Wine emulates Windows OS on Linux.The user just installs the software and then, they can open, view and use Windows files while remaining on Linux. Running Windows applications: With Wine, Windows programs run on Linux and behave as native and original ones, without much loss in performance or memory usage of the computer. Welcome back, everyone. Today we cover how to run Windows native applications (specifically.exe file types) on your Mac using Wine & WineBottler.

Wine Software Mac Free DownloadyellowrayWine software download

Alternatively, all packages are also available as .tar.gz files:

Free Software Mac

Wine Software Mac Free DownloadyellowrayWine software download

Wine Software For Mac Free Download

NameLatest versionSize
Tarball for 'Wine Stable' (32-bit)
SHA256: 1cdd2095caebaefa6639e9a300a6a757a2bb81974cfc856bc39912393f5576aa
5.0 136M
Tarball for 'Wine Stable' (32 + 64-bit)
SHA256: 95717e071b10b63d6f765f827daaee8d3bc37c2634e98bd13819fae68510895b
5.0 271M
Tarball for 'Wine Development' (32-bit)
SHA256: 7850a5ddf30152ecf74cdb94d44e069e654d9e4b3b3c1605eb34a843e7d841b8
5.7 131M
Tarball for 'Wine Development' (32 + 64-bit)
SHA256: f8f3a9fcb96d85012525582304ab55ec2388b1eb536d7459bc43d51a9cea10c7
5.7 259M
Tarball for 'Wine Staging' (32-bit)
SHA256: 47d5af552003b48f8e2f93fcae1ad6c3b59470da93a2a2b7f2a666d22201c337
5.7 136M
Tarball for 'Wine Staging' (32 + 64-bit)
SHA256: b322337cb5b81b85310325737cca57318aa81453b5fdda83e98ea1252e4d3525
5.7 266M

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Wine software for mac free download

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Wine Software Download

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