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  1. Karamoja Tourism & Conservation was officially launched on 25th march 2017. This is part of the FUTI (Federation of Uganda Tourism) and it is the only one officially recognised in Karamoja.
  2. OUR MISSION: The mission of the Warren Consolidated Schools, in partnership with families and community, is to achieve a level of excellence in teaching and learning which enables all students to become knowledgeable, productive, ethical, and successful citizens.
  3. There’s a certain unity and family feel. Everyone pulls together. The seniors know the 2nd graders and the 5th graders know the 9th graders and so on.

Some days a motivational quote can provide a quick pick-me-up for employees and even management. They can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to a drab afternoon.

Get all of the latest WCS reports, news, and commentary related to the pandemic.

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Inauguration Day

WCS Statement on the New Administration

We welcome the Biden-Harris Administration and its commitment to combatting the climate crisis and advancing policies that ensure the protection of biodiversity that sustains all life on Earth.

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Protect Wildlife. Protect Us.

The commercial wildlife trade for human consumption is leaving us exposed to the threat of deadly, zoonotic pandemics. Together, we can project a better future.

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Intact Forests

Measuring Forest Integrity

WCS and its science partners have produced the first measure of ecological integrity for all the world’s forests. It shows only 40% of them have high integrity.

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About WCS

Global Conservation

We work to save wildlife and wild places in nearly 60 countries and across the ocean.

Wcs Homeschool

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About WCS


WCS's world-class scientific staff—based at our zoos, aquarium, and with conservation programs around the world—produces hundreds of research publications each year.

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About WCS

Zoos and Aquarium

Through our five zoological parks in New York, we're able to connect people to animals and nature and inspire them to care about conservation.

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About WCS


WCS has been advancing science education and increasing ecological literacy since 1929. Today, more than 150,000 students participate in classes, tours, and outreach programs each year at our four zoos and our aquarium.

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Wcs Intranet

About WCS


We have one of the oldest zoological veterinary programs ever established, which continues to provide specialized care. In 1989, we developed our Field Veterinary Program, the first and largest of its kind.

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About WCS


Across the planet, we collaborate with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to achieve a shared vision for a more secure and resilient future.

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WCS at 125

We celebrate over a century of successes at saving wildlife and wild places, powered by the expertise and science in our zoos, aquarium, and global conservation program.

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Please donate to help save wildlife

When you give to WCS you're helping ensure a future for the earth's most magnificent creatures and the habitats critical to their survival. Make your tax-deductible gift today!

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Priotize Biodiversity

Part of pandemic preparedness is acknowledging that human, wildlife, and ecological health are inseparable, writes WCS's Susan Lieberman and Christian Walzer.

Discovery is Big News


A female turtle found in October 2020 in Viet Nam is definitively the near extinct Swinhoe’s softshell turtle.

We Stand for Wildlife

Join more than one million wildlife lovers working to save the Earth's most treasured and threatened species.