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There are sixteen perks that you will unlock as you level up in multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. There aren’t any more pro-perks either, and it seems that they’ve implemented some of the effects from pro-perks into the regular perks.

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For example, the new Engineering perk has the ability to booby trap and change care packages like the old Hardline Pro perk.

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You can have up to three perks by default, or you can spend extra points to use wildcards which will allow you to have more perks, but keep in mind that this will limit your other weapon and equipment choices.

Here is the complete list of perks, and what level you will unlock them at.

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Unlockable Perks in the Perk 1 Slot

Hardline – (Unlocked at level 4) You receive extra points for scorestreaks
Lightweight – (Unlocked at level 4) You move faster, and take no damage from falling
Blind Eye – (Unlocked at level 5) AI controlled air support Scorestreaks can’t detect you, however player controlled Scorestreaks can
Flak Jacket – (Unlocked at level 32) You take less explosive damage
Ghost – (Unlocked at level 55) Enemy UAV’s can’t detect you while moving


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Unlockable Perks in the Perk 2 Slot

Cold Blooded – (Unlocked at level 4) Makes you invisible to player controlled (not AI controlled) targeting systems like the Dual Band, MMS, Sensor Grendade, Target Finder, and player-controlled air support Scorestreak rewards
Toughness – (Unlocked at level 4) You flinch less when shot
Fast Hands – (Unlocked at level 8) Swap weapons faster, use equipment and grenades faster, and safely throw back enemy grenades
Hard Wired – (Unlocked at level 26) Makes you immune to enemy Counter UAV’s and EMPs
Scavenger – (Unlocked at level 44) Enemies you kill drop ammo and grenades, doesn’t count with explosive kills Prezi directionsms. schroll's ela classes.

Unlockable Perks in the Perk 3 Slot

Dexterity – (Unlocked at level 4) Climb obstacles 50% faster, aim faster after sprinting, and recover faster after your melee swings.
Extreme Conditioning – (Unlocked at level 4) Allows you to sprint twice as long.
Engineering – (Unlocked at level 14) You can see enemy equipment through walls, enemy explosives you trigger are delayed slightly, you can booby trap Care Packages, and change Care Package contents
Tactical Mask – (Level 20) Reduces the effect of Flash and Concussion type grenades
Dead Silence – (Level 38) Reduces your audible noise from footsteps, jumps, and falls
Awareness – (Level 50) Makes enemy footsteps four times louder