Two Point Hospital 1.04 Patch Download

Indiana Jones IV: Fate of Atlantis fix for Cyrix & AMD:. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Patch 10.6. If you’d like to test out the new patch, you can download it by following these steps: Right-click Two Point Hospital in your game library and select Properties. Select the BETAS tab. Choose twopointhospitalpatchbeta from the drop-down menu. The build will start downloading. Here is a list of what is in this patch; Copy and paste rooms.

One game that I loved on the PC back in the late 90s was Theme Hospital. Well, here in Two Point Hospital we have what is best described as a spiritual successor to that classic management game.

How Many Hospitals????

Two Point County is pretty large, so large that it has 15 hospitals and your ultimate goal is to manage each one and have it running like clockwork and making a ton of money, oh and healing people of course. Two Point Hospital is one of the most charming games I have played in a long time, but along with its great sense of humor is a very smart and deep game that will really get its hooks into you.

OMG! What Is Wrong With You?

The humor in Two Point Hospital is most evident in the issues that the patients have. Some people will think that they are Freddy Mercury, some people will be light headed…. But light headed in Two Point County means that their heads are literally lightbulbs. Some people will think they are clowns and this is just the tip of the iceberg for the different conditions that you will have to cure.

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What About The Staff?

TwoTwo point hospital 1.04 patch download freeTwo Point Hospital 1.04 Patch Download

As well as taking care of patients, Two Point Hospital requires you to hire, manage and make staff happy. This is a bit of a challenge! You need to hire the right people, people who know what they are doing. Do you hire the hot shot doctor who has no bedside manner, but is great healing people and also a jerk? Or do you go for the nice doctor who might not be as good?Keeping your staff happy with breaks, bathrooms, places to eat and so on are all things that you have to keep an eye on.

If You Build It, The Sick Will Come

Each of the hospitals requires you to build it and you need to think about how you build your hospital. For example, I had the staff freaking out because they could not use the bathroom, turns out it is because I built the hospital in such a way that they could not get to it.Also, Two Point County has a pretty diverse weather system. This means that each hospital will have its own needs. Some may need to have air conditioning to keep people cool, another might need plenty of radiators to stop people getting cold!

You Always Know What To Do

One of the best things about Two Point Hospital is that it makes it very easy to know what to do. If there is a major problem, the game will point it out to you and give you advice on what you can do to fix it. If your hospital is not making enough money, you will be given advice on what to do. This is really handy and it does not come across as holding your hand too much.There is a lot of strategy in this game and you can micromanage as much as you would like so in that regard I think that Two Point Hospital caters to gamers of all skill levels. Some missions that you have to complete in a hospital are harder than others and some are more interesting than others. No matter what though, you have a smile on your face the whole time thanks to the wacky and crazy style.

Two Point Hospital is one of the best sim management style games I have played in years. It allows you to get as in depth with every aspect of the hospital as you want. Plus the different conditions that the patients have and the zany personalities that your staff has makes the game very amusing. This is all wrapped up with fun and engaging gameplay that is really going to get you addicted.




  • The different conditions are hilarious
  • Your staff are pretty nuts
  • Plenty of things to micromanage
  • 15 hospitals for you to run
  • Designing the hospitals is a lot of fun


Two Point Hospital 1.04 Patch Download Windows 7

  • You have to think about where you place things
  • It will take over your life!
Two Point Hospital 1.04 Patch Download

Two Point Hospital 1.04 Patch Download Torrent

Overall rating: 9