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NoahTTR channel My second channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfbigAzL1aYqN8GUjQEX9yQ. Toontown Offline Servers - News. We finally launched the Mini-Server page on our website, which is 1000x better than the Discord server Mini-Server list and this website combined. Therefore, I am discontinuing the server list. If there comes a time where the official Mini-Server list shuts down and I'm still working on the project, I might. 2.4g wireless optical mouse driver windows 7.

This the the complete list of ALL commands within the game currently.
Using '~' before a command sets it to be done to yourself.
Using '~~'before a command sets it to be done to the targeted player/object.
~maxToon *gag you don't want* (Leave gag spot blank to get all gags)
~shoes *0-3* *number* (number = texture)
~hat *0-56* *number* (number = texture)
~backpack *0-24* *number* (number = texture)
~glasses *0-21* *number* (number = texture)
~system *Message* (Global whisper message)
~accessLevel *moderation title* (Turns players into mods, admins, etc., useless for yourself)
~kick *username* (Says 'You can't kick yourself.', no matter the name)
~ban *username* (Says 'You can't ban yourself.', no matter the name)
~dna species *species*
~dna torso *0/1/2*
~dna legs *0/1/2*
~dna color *1-24*
~dna color 26 (Black, but only works for cats)
~dna color 0 (White, but only work for bears)
~dna head *species*
~dna headsize *0-4* (changes the characteristics of your head, not it's actual size)
~dna headcolor *color*
~dna armcolor *color*

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~dna legcolor *color*
~dna toptex *0-149*
~dna toptexcolor *color*
~dna sleevetex *0-136*
~dna sleevetexcolor *color*
~dna bottex *0-58*
~dna bottexcolor *color*
~dna gloves *color* (Only color that works is 0, which is white)
Texture colors range from 0 to 31. Regular colored clothing is 27.
~dna save *save number* (save current look of your toon)
~dna restore *save number* (reloads the look of your toon back to how it was saved)
~name *name*
~badName (revokes your name back too '<color> <species>')
~unites *number*
~fires *1-255*
~sos *1-100* *SOS name* ('magic cat' and 'trap cat' are SOS options)
~gravity *number* (No message verification, just jump to see. 0 = reset)
~unlocks (Teleport access, all emotes, all doodle phrases)
~maxMoney *40-250*
~money *0-12000*
~bank max *1000-12000*
~bank transfer *number*
~fishingRod *0-4*
~maxFishTank *20-99*
~ghost (transparent, uninteractable, walk through walls and doors)
~tickets *number* (racing tickets)
~inventory reset *gagTrack* (Leave gagTrack blank to lose all gags, if you type in numbers instead of names, 0-6 takes out the corresponding level for all gags)
~inventory restock *gagTrack* (Leave gagTrack blank to restock all, if you type in numbers instead of names, 0-6 gives you the corresponding level for all gags. 6 is level 7 gags)
~trophyScore *number* (Building floors for stars)
~givePies *0-7* *-1-99* (Pie 6 is invalid, and -1 amount gives unlimited)
~track experience *gagTrack* *0-10500*
~track remove *gagTrack*
~track add *gagTrack*
~suit spawn *cogType* *isSkeleCog* *isV2* *isWaiter*
~suit building *1-4* (number = cog type)
~suit do *number* (number = difficulty)
~suit invasion *cog brand* *cog type* *isSkeleCog* *isV2* *isWaiter*
~suit invasionend *number* (requires any number after it to work)
For Invasion calls:
Best place to see the order of cogs is your sticker book. It goes from top to bottom and left to right. When counting yourself, 0 = 1.
Cog brand is Bossbot, Lawbot, Cashbot, Sellbot. (0-3)
Cog type is the respective bot from the brand. (0-7)
Skelecogs? Is a question. Leaving it blank or putting 0 means no. Putting 1 means yes.
V2.0? Is a question. Blank or 0 means no. 1 means yes.
Waiter is a question. Blank or 0 means no. 1 means yes.
~hp *-1-137*
~maxHP *15-137*
~house type *0-5*
~race leave
~loop *emotion*
~pose *emotion* *frame number* *body part* (leave body part blank to pose completely)Toontown offline download
~pingpong *emotion* *start frame* *end frame* *body part* (start, end, and part at optional)
~rightHand *battle item*
~leftHand *battle item*
~globalTeleport (Unlocks all teleports)
~zone *location ID* (wrong ID will crash the game most often)
~target (states info on who you have selected, yourself if nothing is selected)
~warp (warps selected user/object to yourself, useless solo)
~factoryWarp *factory zone ID* (only works in factory)
~spooky (darkens the current area you are in)
~minigame request *trolley game* (hope for your game next)
~minigame force *trolley game* (your game next)
~minigame remove *trolley game* (remove your request for next game)
~minigame difficulty *trolley game* (make game harder or easier)
~minigame safezone *trolley game* (not sure what this does yet?)
~minigame abort *trolley game* (quit game, only works in game)
~skipCFO (skips the cog battle half of the CFO, only works at start of CFO)
~skipVP (skips the cog battles of the VP, only works at start of VP)
~xyz *x* *y* *z* (numbers for location)
~hpr *h* *p* *r* (numbers for rotation of yourself, 0 0 0 resets it)
~quests clear
Toontown Offline Serversnews~quests clearHistory
~quests add *toontask ID* *task slot*
~quests remove *toontask ID* *task slot*
~quests list
~quests bagSize *1-4*
~quests progress *toontask ID* *number*
~quests tier *1-17* (toontask area that your toon is in; 1 = Flippy gag training, 17 = advanced after DDL tasks)
The number in the progress word is the amount that you have for your quest. So if you need 300 Flunkies and you put the number as 300, then the task would be complete.
~skipMovie (skips the after battle sequence, when in battle)
~backgroundColor *r* *g* *b* *a* (r g b a are all numbers)
~suitPaths (shows path that cogs follow on street and battle locations)
~cheesyEffect *1-15* *playground zone ID* *duration*
0 = normal
1 = Big head
2 = Small head
3 = Big legs
4 = Small legs
5 = Big toon
6 = Small toon
7 = Flat left-right
8 = Flat front-back
9 = Ghost
10 = White out
11 = Invisible body
12 = Pumpkin head
13 = Big white out
14 = Snowman head
15 = Green toon
~achievements earn *ID*
~achievements remove *ID*
Broken Commands:Toontown
~fireworks *firework name* (the fireworks are: 'july4', 'summer', and 'newyears')
(Attempt at using fireworks command returns with something about the playground does not have a specified ID)
~fish *fish species to catch on next throw*
(Currently broke within the files, this is what it's supposed to do)
~cogIndex *number*
(Sets your 'cog index' to number specified)
~gmIcon *number*
(I only get 'Invalid access code', leave the number blank to get a white rotating dot above your head, retype to disable)
~trackBonus *0-6*
(Organic gags, 0 = Toon-up, 1 = Trap, so on. Only gives organic for all level 1 gags and level 2 of the one you pick oddly)
~suit invasion *cog brand* *cog type* *isSkeleCog* *isV2* *isWaiter*
(Command is included above but also listed here because the 'isSkelecog', 'isV2', and 'isWaiter' commands are wishy-washy and can cause crashes. Solely the 'isWaiter' command has not been shown to work.)Hey there everyone! Do you ever get tired of the greetings in these blog posts? After a while, I find myself struggling to come up with something that sounds different enough from the last time, so from here on out I think we’ll just stick to the same greeting for every blog post. Sound good? I hope so. Enough of that though, let’s get into today’s post- the final Toontown Offline blog post of 2020.
The Hardships of 2020

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Before going any further, we’d like to bring attention to the hard times we’ve all experienced this year. It has been tough to live in 2020. Not being able to go out and see your friends, attend real-life events, or even learn in an actual classroom. Covid-19 has put a strain on us all. We at Toontown Offline wish to put out a statement to all of our fans; we can do this. We can all get through this together. And whether that happens in 2021 or beyond, just know we’re all in the same boat. Things will improve.
The Bright Side of 2020
2020 hasn’t been all doom-and-gloom, though. There are many things we have to be grateful for this year, specifically when it comes to the Toontown community. Without a doubt, 2020 has been the biggest year for Toontown history yet. Despite being nearly a decade since the original game closed, we were treated to a plethora of leaks and content from the game’s history. It came in the form of never-before-seen assets, original source code, and a snapshot of what Toontown was like in it’s Beta days. And as you most likely know, we sure as heck took advantage of all these leaks had to offer. We’ve used so much content given to us in the Pandora and Anesidora leaks, including the contents of the Toontown Beta Disc released by Joe Schochet.
Toontown Offline isn’t the only project that’s taken advantage of these new discoveries. Just last week, '>Toontown Archive Released Their 1.0.5 Beta Server to the public, making this legacy version of Toontown playable to the public for the first time in nearly 20 years. Truth be told, this has certainly been a year for all Toontown fans to celebrate.
But what else has happened this year? Well for Toontown Offline, this was the year we finally released the rebranded version of our game with the v1.0 update. It took a lot of hard work, but earlier this year we finally did it. And in the months since, we’ve had a consistent stream of updates, containing many new features, tweaks, and bug fixes galore. If you’re a fan of Toontown Offline, you certainly didn’t leave 2020 empty handed with new content.
Looking Past 2020
So what happens now? What’s on the horizon for Toontown Offline in 2021? Rest assured, we are consistently working on our huge Operation: Seek Out Scrooge update. Will it be ready in 2021? If I were to guess, I’d say it’s not very likely. That may not be the answer you were looking to hear, but it’s the answer you deserve. But hey, what a surprise it would be if we did manage something like that! And of course, we will have a stream of small miscellaneous content release as we have been doing ever since our v1.0 update.
Don’t worry- I don’t plan to leave you empty handed though. As this is the last blog post of the year, we wanted to possibly show off a snippet of what we’ve been working on for Operation: Seek Out Scrooge. However, we’ve already shown off a lot already this year. We feel that by showing off any more (at least for a while), it would sour the surprise we want to build up for this update. After all, we can’t show you everything, now can we? Despite this, we thought of an idea that could meet you in the middle. Pictured below is an out-of-context compilation that shows off what we’ve been working on lately for our Operation: Seek Out Scrooge update. To us, we know what each of the following images represents. But to you guys? Well, I guess you’ll just have to connect the dots for yourselves.

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Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post and sticking with Toontown Offline in 2020. We hope that our game has provided you with a lot of entertainment to help you through this year. With that said, have a good one all!

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