Suwat Bisaya

Surat Bisaya uses the Tapay and Kubit distinction for -i/-e vowel diacritics, called Kuri, and like Badlit, it uses opposing Kuri to remove the vowel. Hanunoo influence is very obvious in the highly simplified strokes of Surat Bisaya. Badlit Script / Suwat Bisaya / Sulat Bisaya / Baybayin Bisaya - an ancient pre-Filipino writing system developed in the Central Visayas area of the Philippines. For more information on Badlit Script / Suwat Bisaya, please go to It has additional information on the basics of writing Suwat Bisaya.

Suwat bisaya

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  • Suwat Bisaya by Akopito Mahayag. Akopito Mahayag's (Akopito) Recent Uploads.
  • Badlit is an ancient technique of writing Bisaya. It is also called Suwat Bisaya, Suyat Bisaya, Surat Bisaya and Kudlit Kabadlit. Every letter of Badlit has an equal sound. This is also written according to the sound.
  • Ikaw nga Bisaya, komosta man ang imong pag-Binisaya? Galisod ba kag suwat ug sulti ginamit ang pinulongang Bisaya? (Hala, mora lagi nig exam da!) 2. More and more kids will be conyo kay ilang parents first language sa mga anak English. Unsay first language sa imong anak?

Suwat Bisaya

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Suwat Bisaya

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