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Enjoy The Traditional Look Of Split and Round Rail Wood Fencing

While many of our customers love plastic fencing for its lasting durability, some simply prefer the traditional beauty of wood fencing. At Fence Supply Online, we are happy to deliver a selection of Split Rail Fence and Round Rail Fence. Quality wood products that complement your property.

Our wood fencing line includes a variety of options in true southern yellow pine. We have Cedar in a few locations. Please contact [email protected] for information about Cedar fence availability.

One of the most rustic fence designs, strongly representative of the simple country life, split rail fencing is composed of just that: two or three split rails, inserted into two equally rough-finished wooden posts. The posts are secured in the ground with or without concrete. The price of your split rail fence will vary widely depending on the quality of wood you use. Expect to pay $10-$15 per foot for the standard Cedar wood split rail fence, $10-$18 per foot for a medium quality Yellow Pine fence, $20-$30 per foot for a high-quality Locust wood fence, and $19-$23 per foot for a top-quality composite fence.

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Our fencing is crafted with care and treated for durability and beauty. Our product line includes:

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Pressure Treated Split Rail

We offer 5-star split rail in both two rail and three rail versions. The rails are available in 11-foot lengths for 10ft post centers.

Cedar Split Rail

Cedar Split Rail Fencing in both two rails and three rails. It a classic rustic look for your property. The Cedar has a natural resistance of cedar to termites and the elements.

Round Rail

Round rail fencing is a beautiful product that will provide enjoyment, structural integrity and incredible looks for years to come. We are proud to offer this classic form of wood fencing to our customers.

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Cedar log fenceRustic
Simple split-rail fence.

A split-rail fence or log fence (also known as a zigzag fence, worm fence or snake fence historically due to its meandering layout) is a type of fence constructed in the United States and Canada, and is made out of timber logs, usually split lengthwise into rails and typically used for agricultural or decorative fencing. Such fences require much more timber than other types of fences, and so are generally only common in areas where wood is abundant. However, they are very simple in their construction, and can be assembled with few tools even on hard or rocky ground. They also can be built without using any nails or other hardware; such hardware was often scarce in frontier areas. They are particularly popular in very rocky areas where post hole digging is almost impossible. They can even be partially or wholly disassembled if the fence needs to be moved or the wood becomes more useful for other purposes. During the American Civil War, these split rail fences were a major source of firewood for both the Union and Confederate armies.[1]

Log fence with double posts (photo taken in 1938).

Top 5 bmw frm3 tools and howto guideauto diagnostic tool. Split rail fences were made of easy to split, rot-resistant wood. Traditionally American chestnut was the timber of choice until chestnut blight eliminated this tree. Currently, most split rails are made from cedar. Whether of chestnut or cedar, these logs were cut to a length of 10 to 12 feet (3.0 to 3.7 m) and split down the length of the log. Each half was then split into quarters, then eighths and so on until the rails were of a usable size. A log may produce from four rails from an 8-inch (20 cm) log to over a dozen from larger logs. The rails are stacked on top of one another. Most split rail fences have the rails stacked in an interlocking zig-zag fashion that is self-supporting, easy to create, easy to repair, and easy to disassemble.

A split-rail fence with supports.

Some timber fences have the rails stacked directly on top of each other and secured with double fence posts (one on either side of the rails). This made a more permanent and compact fence but remained easy to repair.

Sls Three Rail Wooden Log Fence Panelsugars Legacy Stables

The distance between either the zigs or the zags is generally 16.5 feet (5 m) or one rod.[2] The area of a field can therefore be calculated by counting zigs or zags along the side and end of the field: one hundred sixty square rods is 1-acre (0.40 ha).

Log rail fence
A mortised split-rail fence in suburban America (built 1999).

Patent Cedar Fence[edit]

In Canada an attempt was made to patent several cedar fence designs. These styles became known as Patent Cedar Fences, also called Patent Fences or Patent Rail Fences. The use of two rails to form a cross, having a top rail, bench rails and lower heavier rails, allowed it to be free standing, withstand heavy winds and take up less fence bottom than the zigzag or snake fence.[3][4]

Mortised fence[edit]

Cedar Log Fence

In the United Kingdom (and increasingly in suburban America) a different style of split-rail fence is used. This is not free-standing but consists of vertical posts placed in the ground, having holes (mortises) in each side into which the roughly pointed ends of split rails (usually of sweet chestnut) are placed. No zig-zagging is necessary. This style is commonly used as decorative fencing, or for horse-keeping.

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