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Spanish Arabian Horses, Spanish Related Arabians, Stallions, Mares, Foals, Horses for Sale, Lathrop, Missouri. Real Authentic Bedouin Arabian saddle sets, camel saddles and Rider Bedouin costumes and more all 100% hand made by real bedouins. Legacy Arabian Horse Club is a 501c(5) tax exempt organization. No moneys paid to LAHC, or items donated for use, auctions, or for any other purpose (i.e. COWTOWN sponsorships, Christmas auction, t-shirt purchases, etc.), can be declared a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. Legacy Arabians is just outside the Dallas Ft Worth (DFW) Metro area. We've been raising, breeding, and training Arabian horses for over 20 years.

Welcome to the Spanish Arabian Horse Society!

Sls Spanish Arabian Headdress With Bitsugars Legacy StablesSpanish breeding made an impact at US Nationals in 2017.

KMA Angelo ++//

Sls Spanish Arabian Headdress With Bitsugars Legacy Stables &

KMA Angelo++// was named Champion in English Trail AAOTR and
Top Ten in English Trail Open, Western Trail AAOTR, and Western Trail Open.
Classical Spanish and Spanish-Related horses also did very well at
US Sport Horse Nationals in 2016.

Read the article published in Arabian Horse Life, Issue 1, 2017, here.
2017 SAHS Horse of the Year Awards
Nominations are currently being accepted! Nominated horses must be owned by an SAHS member and can be either Classical Spanish or Spanish-Related (see definitions below). Nomination deadline is March 15, 2018. Send nominations to [email protected]

Complete rules can be found here.
For show or event results that cannot be verified online,
a results reporting form can be found here.

Sls spanish arabian headdress with bitsugars legacy stables &
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See past Champion and Reserve Champion Horse of the Year winners here.

Mission Statement

Sls spanish arabian headdress with bitsugars legacy stables &Sls spanish arabian headdress with bitsugars legacy stables &

The mission of SAHS is to preserve, improve, and maintain the purity of Spanish blooded horses of the Arabian breed. SAHS strives for the advancement of education for the benefit of the public, to promote and facilitate the acquisition and distribution of the knowledge, in all countries, of the history, care and propagation of the Spanish Arabian horse.

History and Progress of SAHS

Many of the founding directors were members of a group of Spanish Arabian bloodline enthusiasts and breeders who first joined forces in the 1980’s. Due to changes in the Arabian market, and the passing of some of the leaders from that era, the group was “in hibernation” for several years.
In 2004, the Spanish Arabian Horse Society (SAHS) grew from some of those previous members. SAHS received WAHO (World Arabian Horse Organization) affiliation on 22 October 2004 and AHA (Arabian Horse Association) affiliation on 16 November 2004.
We are members of AECCA (Association Espanola De Criadores De Caballos Arabes) in Spain, and in August 2006 we merged with SAHBI (Spanish Arabian Horse Breeders International), giving us a true global focus for the promotion of the Spanish Arabian.
Also in August 2006, AHA recognized the Spanish Arabian as one of the bloodlines on their Education Pages. On 18 November 2006 SAHS received the AHA Club Excellence Award for Communication, and was named the AHA Club of the Year!

Join Us

Sls Spanish Arabian Headdress With Bitsugars Legacy Stables Classic

All Arabian enthusiasts with an interest in Spanish bloodlines are welcome to join us. This dynamic Club has made major strides in uniting Spanish Arabian breeders worldwide. Go to the Membership Info page for an application form. Paypal now accepted!


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Classical Spanish: A purebred Arabian horse that traces its lineage100 % to importations registered in the Arabian Spanish Stud Book (SSB) prior to 1950.

Sls Spanish Arabian Headdress With Bitsugars Legacy Stables For Sale

Se define como caballo de raza árabe de línea pura española (pure Spanish), aquel ejemplar árabe cuyos antepasados provengan en su totalidad de las importaciones inscritas en el Libro Genealógico Español
de la raza árabe antes de 1950.

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Spanish-related: A horse that is a son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter of a Classical Spanish horse. (At least 25% Classical Spanish; may be either purebred or partbred Arabian)

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact any of the Officers or Directors. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome; your help is needed to make SAHS the best bloodline-focused group.