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Legacy Stables is a full-service facility offering horseback riding and driving lessons, jumping, training and sales for your Morgan Horses. Located in Carver, Massachusetts, Legacy Stables is one of the finest equine facilities in southern New England. Located close to the northern Rhode Island and Connecticut border, we are ideally located to serve customers coming from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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Legacy Stable owners and trainers Michael Murphy and Elizabeth Vaughan Murphy bring a tremendous amount of talent and knowledge to the farm. Michael’s background is extensive; starting in his youth being raised with horses, then later being fortunate enough to work with accomplished horse trainer experts Mike Richardson and Rick Stevens.

We invite you to tour our website to learn more about us, and we look forward to your personal visit or inquiry.

SLC Kazimir

Bay Buckskin Stallion - 31 inches


Sire: Samis Voyager

Dam: NXS Duffys Dynamic Doll

AMHA A 210101 2011

SLC Marcolini Sunrise

Black Leopard appaloosa - 31 inches


Sire: Wild n woolies Spotted Buck

Dam: NXS Egos Pearl Express

AMHA A 195244 2009

SLC Tophat Joker

Blue eyed black pinto stallion -33inches


Sire: SLC Tuxedos Dominator

Dam: SLC Star of Zahara

AMHA A 221870 2014



SLC Love Song Serenade

Silver Chocolate Mare - 32 inches

Sire: Dent Tuff Enuff

Dam: Sugar Tree Farms Mikayla

AMHA A 140512 2002

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Four Pines Smashing Success

Sls complete baroque leather harnesssugars legacy stables reviews

Black pinto Mare - 31 inches

Sire: Dent Spotted Hawk

Dam: Dent Portrait in Red

AMHA A 138149 2002

SLC Little Darby Star

Black Pinto Mare - 27 inches

Sire: Rocky Creeks Little Dillion

Sls Complete Baroque Leather Harnesssugars Legacy Stables

Dam: Lucky Four Ellie Kae

Sls Complete Baroque Leather Harnesssugars Legacy Stables For Sale

AMHA A 181999 2006

NXS Egos Pearl Express

Palomino Overo Mare - 32 inches

Sire: NXS Power Ego

Dam: Silver Creeks Buttercup

AMHA A 176029 2005

SLC Star of Sahara

Bay Mare - 31 inches

Sire: SLC Painted Perfection Lil Rascal

Dam: NXS Duffys Dandys Splash of Class

Sls Complete Baroque Leather Harnesssugars Legacy Stables &

AMHA A 204215 2010

SLC Heads or Tails Bingo

Black Pinto Filly blue eyes - 33 inches

Sls Complete Baroque Leather Harnesssugars Legacy Stables Reviews

Sire: SLC Tuxedos Dominator

Dam: NXS Duffys Dandy Splash of Class

AMHA A 221866 2014

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