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Download your free cam post processor Post Processors are a critical part of any CAM system. Their basic function is to translate the toolpath you see on screen to machine-readable code (often referred to as G-code) but with the right Post Processor, you can reduce machine cycle time, remove manual editing and provide more information to your. Simcenter Femap is recognized as the world's leading CAD-independent Windows-native pre- and post- processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis. Download Online Subscription Product Configuration Options Try Simcenter Femap For Free. Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Landis Division. Page 34 Open Processor with Trane Driver Owner's Manual P P P P o o o o i i i i n n n n t t t t p p p p r r r r i i i i o o o o r r r r i i i i t t t t y y y y The point priority determines if an operator or a particular control program is responsible for controlling the point.

Siemens Post Processor Free Download

NX CAM Post Hub is a modern, cloud-based solution for postprocessing. Free to NX CAM users, Post Hub enables a streamlined process to generate production-ready CNC programs for your applications.

Direct access from NX CAMsoftware

Post Hub lets you access more than 1,100 postprocessors directlyfrom NXCAM software. The extensive online postprocessor library enables you toprogram a wide range of milling, turning and multi-function machines. Itincludes postprocessors for many machines and controllers, including DMG MORI, Haas,Makino, Mazak, and Okuma.

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To quickly find the postprocessor for your machine tool, you can narrow down the results using the provided filters. Simply select your machine, controller, or manufacturing technology and Post Hub will present the applicable postprocessors.

Each postprocessor kit includes documentation, such as an overview document and a sample G-code enabling you to get more information about the postprocessor even before installing it.

Easy postprocessor installation

With NX CAM, you can browse Post Hub and find a postprocessor for many machine tool and controller configurations. The selected processor can be easily installed in NX CAM with a couple of clicks.

All the postprocessors available through Post Hub have been developed using Post Configurator, the latest tool for postprocessor development in NX CAM. This allows you to easily adjust postprocessors to generate NC programs for your CNC machine tools.

Getting started

To launch Post Hub, click on the Post Process command and look for the new “Post Hub” section in the dialog box of the latest version of NX CAM software.

You can also accessPost Hub’s online library by using an internet browser: https://posthub.sws.siemens.com/.

If you have any questions about NX CAM Post Hub or the provided postprocessors, please send us an email at [email protected]

The Manufacturing application generates NX tool paths that are used to manufacture parts. Generally, you cannot just send an unmodified tool path file to a machine and start cutting because there are many different types of machines. Each type of machine has unique hardware capabilities and is controlled by a specific computer (also called the controller).

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The controller accepts a tool path file and directs tool motion and other machine activity (for example, turning the coolant or air on and off). Just as each type of machine has unique hardware characteristics, each controller has unique software characteristics. For instance, most controllers require a particular code to turn on the coolant. Some controllers also restrict the number of M codes that are allowed in one line of output. This information is not in the initial NX tool path.

Without the correct formatting for a machine, the tool path file hits the controller’s brick wall of incompatibility.

Therefore, the tool path must be modified to suit the unique parameters of each different machine/controller combination. The modification is called postprocessing, and the result is a postprocessed tool path.

Two elements are essential for postprocessing. They are:

Siemens Post Processor Free Download

Tool Path Data

This is an NX tool path.

A Postprocessor

This is a program that reads the tool path data and reformats it for use with a particular machine and its accompanying controller.

The tool path data is reformatted by the postprocessor for the machine.

Each postprocessor program is usually dedicated to a single type of machine/controller combination. You can modify postprocessor file parameters for functions of that particular type of machine/controller combination. However, you cannot modify the program for use with another type of machine/controller combination.

NX provides a generalized postprocessor program, Post, which inputs NX tool path data, and outputs machine readable NC code. Post is highly customizable and can be used for both very simple and very complex machine tool/controller combinations.

Siemens Post Processor Free Download

Post Builder is the NX product that is used to customize the postprocessor for each machine tool/controller combination.

NX provides the Post postprocessor that can properly format tool paths for specific types of machine/controller combinations. The Post postprocessor requires several elements:

Event Generator core module

Cycles through the events in a part file and communicates the data associated with each event to the Post postprocessor. An event is a collection of data, that when processed by Post, causes the NC machine to perform some specific action. This is activated by following the path Tools→Operation Navigator→Output→Post Postprocessor, or the icon.

Event Handler (.tcl) file

Contains a set of instructions dictating how each event type is to be processed. This is created with Post Builder.

Definition File (.def) file

Contains static information related to a particular machine tool/controller combination. This is created with Post Builder.

Output File

Contains the postprocessed NC instructions that will be read and executed by the machine tool.

Post User Interface file (.pui)

Used by Post Builder to edit the event handler and definition files.

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The Event Generator, the Event Handler, and the Definition File are dependent upon each other. Together they transform the tool path data contained in the part file into a set of formatted instructions that can be read and executed by a specific machine tool/controller combination.

The Post Postprocessor does the following:

  • Uses the Event Generator to read the events (tool path data) in the part file.

  • Each event is processed according to the instructions contained in the Event Handler.

  • The resulting instructions are formatted according to the information contained in the Definition File.

  • The postprocessed machine control instructions are written to the Output File.

    The tool path data is postprocessed according to the instructions in the Event Handler and the formats in the Definition File.

To develop a post, you must create an event handler and a definition file. The recommened method to create these is with Post Builder. After creating a post, you will have three files: <post_name>.tcl, ~.def, and ~.pui.


The Post Builder documentation is included in the Post Builder kit and accessed from within Post Builder. Computer hardware servicingwebsite of  carmelito lauron.

Siemens Post Processor Free Download Cnet

This is an example NC program for a specific controller:

Siemens Post Processor Free Download Version

This produces the output file, which must be loaded in the machine’s CNC controller. Usually this file is placed in a location on your Network or DNC (Distributed Numerical Control) system for distribution to the appropriate machine tool. Or, this file could be output on a paper tape or disk and manually loaded into the machine.

For information on creating or installing a post see the Post documentation.

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