Riws Madd Hatterhidden Hills Stable

Show Barn Show Barn In & Outs
Box Stalls 12x24 & 18x24

$550/600 $650/700

Pole Barn Malibu Barn
12x36 Half Covered Runs In & Out 12x24
$450/475 $475/500

Madison Show Stables is a full service hunter/jumper show barn located at Sons of the Wind Farm in beautiful Merrimac, MA. We strive for excellence through quality care and training, offering individualized care and attention. Our customized training programs focus on the individual needs of each horse and rider. Save up to $8,783 on one of 4,889 used Volkswagen Tiguans near you. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Nestled on a 75 acre farm in Smicksburg, PA, Hillside Farm and Stables is a family oriented facility that offers many services in a variety of disciplines. We focus on the importance of safety while having fun! Our barn consists of 49 stalls under one roof with a 60'x120' indoor riding arena. We also have a 130'x200' outdoor riding arena. To book a lesson. Hillsborough, NJ 08844. Socialize with us.

Madd Hatters Hats

Gambrel Barn

Fully Covered 24x24 stalls with 1/2 Malibu walls


Barn board services included with price:

  • Assigned Stall
  • Auto Waterers
  • Auto Fly Control
  • Stall Matts
  • Stall Lights
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Shavings 3x's weekly
  • Premium Hay Fed 2x Daily (Alf/Berm)
  • Observation Rounds 4x Daily
  • Tack Sheds & Work Stations/Grooming & Washing Bays



50x50 with 12x16 Loafing Shed

$600 - Single

$450/horse - Double

$750 - Mare & Foal Private rate

In & Out Malibu Paddock

24x48 with 16x20 Malibu Stall & additional turnout

$500 - Single

$450/horse - Double

Paddock & Corral board services included with price:

  • Assigned Stall
  • Auto Waterers / trouphs
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Shavings 2x's weekly
  • Premium Hay Fed 2x Daily (Alf/Berm)
  • Observation Rounds 4x Daily
  • Tack Shed


Shed Row Corrals


24 x 36 with Shelter Covers

$425 & $475


Pop up driver for account track on mac konica minolta. Shared Pastures & Pasture Turn outs

With Shelter

$385 per horse in the multi horse pastures

$600 private pasture, non shared single horse rate

$285 per horse in private pasture; one owner multiple horses, up to 5 horses per pasture

Madd Hatter Critters

$150 Monthly for Daytime or PM Pasture Turnout (per horse), WITH stall board

Pasture Board Includes:

  • Premium Quality Hay 2x Daily
  • Pasture Grooming / Cleaning 3x's weekly
  • Fresh Water
  • Cover and Shelter
  • Observation Rounds 4X Daily
  • Tack Shed

Other Service Rates:

  • Turn-outs 3x week $75 mo
  • Turn-outs 6x weekly OR overnight pasture $150 mo
  • Lunging 3x week $100 mo
  • TLC Package 4x week $200 mo
  • Maintenance Riding 2x week $150 mo
  • Conditioning Combo 4x week $325 mo
  • P/T Training 3x week $250 mo
  • F/T Training 6x week $450 mo
  • Rehab, 6x's weekly $300
  • Additional Feeding $60/$120 mo
  • Upgrade Hay $30/$60 mo
  • Additional Feed w/Upgraded Hay $90/$150 mo
  • Supplement Feeding, owners bagged supplies $30 mo
  • Shavings $10 pr
  • Blanketing $60 mo
  • Trailer Parking $75 mo
  • PM Pasture T/O $150 mo p/h (with Stall board)

Prices are subject to change without notice. Stallion and Foal fee: Inquire within

Training fees are set by the independent trainer. Please contact the trainer directly. For more information visit the trainers page.


Riws Madd Hatterhidden Hills Stables

Additional fees may apply for: large breed horses, stallion boarding and handling, additional hay & shavings requests and other services.