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Top 10 Best Photography Location in Finland

“Since being published, Alone has kind of started to live a life of its own, reaching new viewers all over the world with a surprising speed,” Lagerstedt says. “It was the collection that really took off in terms of me being internationally known and recognised.” The photo collection features images of seemingly lonesome figures in vast, dark areas: in a forest, on a lake, in a field.

Explore the best places for photography in Finland latest contributors. Overview; Spots (106) Map; Top photo spots in Finland. Olavinlinna medieval castle. Photo by Aleksandr Yarovoy. Olav, Savonlinna, southern Finland. Photo by Aleksandr Yarovoy. Helsinki harbour. Photo by Mika Wist. Photographer and novelist Claire Aho was one of the first pioneers of colour photography in Finland in the 1950s and 60s. In 1968, her photos of Helsinki were used to represent Finland at the Scandinavia exhibition in Kiel, Germany. These images provide a glimpse into what the city was like at the time.

Best Photography Location in Finland

Best Photography Location in Finland, Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies a peninsula and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea.

Helsinki is habitat to the 18th-century sea fortress Suomenlinna, the trendy Design District and diverse museums.

The Northern Lights can be seen from the country’s Arctic Lapland province, a big wilderness gone national parks and ski resorts.

There is a defense why Finland is in report to everyone’s lips right now.

From pretty national parks to endearing wooden villages and short hidden gems, Finland really is a aspiration destination for photographers. Scroll beside to see our list of the 10 most instagrammable places in Finland for your bucket list and well ahead than and commencement snapping.

Here is list of Top ten Best Photography Location in Finland


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Best Photography Location in Finland, Founded harshly 800 years ago, Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland and evidence of its long chronicles can yet be seen and felt as you promenade its enjoyable streets.


This tiny cobbled street, found right as soon as to the antiquated town hall in the heart of antiquated Porvoo, is one of the most photographed.

Porvoo is as a result photographic, from so many places. Oh, how beautiful the alley is in the evening following the red shade of the sun.

Nature gives innocent colors to the image and to the photographer who just happened to produce a upshot the right area.


If you state the words national park to a Finn, he probably suddenly thinks approximately the view in the back Lake Pielinen from the depth of Ukko-Koli hill.

That view is Finland’s best loved national landscape, and has inspired many Finnish artists.

Kolis hills and lakes offer deafening settings for disclose outings and happenings at any grow very old-fashioned of year.

The Mighty Koli has been regarded as a sacred place in which the solid spirits lived. As the place was feared for powerful spirits, it was inhabited unaided in the mid 18th century, behind than quotation to two hundred years highly developed than the surrounding areas.

Best Photography Location in Finland, The landscapes in the place are unmatched and for that footnote impressed going approaching the subject of for numerous hikers. The Tourist fellow feeling of the place aroused in the tardy 19th century.

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It seems that the tradition where a coin will be dropped into an ancient sacrificial crack was as well as originated vis–vis that period.


Paavolan tammi in Lohja is probably the most interesting tree in Finland. This mystical oak estimated to be 300-400 years olden-fashioned and situated in the center of a dense forest. Along the Paavola natural world trail.

Paavola’s oak tree as soon as hint to a nationally vital grove place and is portion of a nationwide foliage conservation program. The oak tree protected as a birds superiority in 1994.

In evolve to the widest oak tree-forest in the grove, we locate a variety of foliage patches, foliage canopy, rocky oak, resting meadow, dredged tiny creek and high auditorium stone.

There are 15 flora and fauna trails along the marked passageway along the Paavola oak tree.

The route is less than a kilometer long and takes just about an hour. Nature trail from the olden scholarly car park of the pseudonym Lohjansaari (Pietilntie 23).

The Paavola oak tree birds trail is allocation of the Lohja Archipelago Lime Greenery and Culture project. The flora and fauna trail is based concerning a seek commissioned by FK Soili Vuorinen, Lohja Municipal Environmental Protection Agency.


Everyone wants to atmosphere where Santa and his elves spend their days. Come visit Santa’s hideaway cabin and meet Santa himself and of course the elves too.

If you objective, you can attempt various winter happenings in imitation of annoyed-country skiing, kick-sledging, fat-biking and ice-fishing as soon as the elves.

The undertakings are most uphill to granted for children more than 4 yrs pass. During your stay, a hot beverage and well-ventilated snack will be served. The duration of the discussion is 3-4h.

Santas office might take steps Rovaniemi, but he has a unidentified cottage in Levi. During winter the snow covered cottage looks in the heavens of a fairytale sugar home.

Santas cottage reached easiest by gondola raise and located in Levitunturi along along furthermore lifts 10 and 11.

Fun fact: the cottage originally built as a prop for a Finnish Christmas movie Joulutarina which premiered in 2007.


The turquoise pond, plus crystal sure water, in Hollola heavy to Lahti is in incline toward of fact unique. Kiikunlhde is located 300 meters from Kiikuntie road, where you can park your car.

Though the water might see attractive, it not recommended to swim in the pond and absorb remember to love the privacy of the locals vigorous in the area following visiting.

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The Fountain is Finland’s largest spring pool, glamorous its listeners when its magic and special turquoise coloring. It is 400 meters long and 100 meters broad.

Best Photography Location in Finland, Its 14 source eyes release re 7000 m3 day. At the northern decrease is a dam that has raised the surface of the spring pond a few meters, creating a plenty waterfall and steady year-round flow for the mill and sawmill the length of the dam.

The water continues its journey along Kiikunoja to Vesijrvi in the Gulf of Kirkon muggy Hollola Church. In the source’s eye, the water temperature is about 5 degrees, for that defense it won’t sedate in winter.

Hydrogeologically, the Kiikunl Source is allocation of Southern Finland’s largest underground groundwater body,

Which discharges as major sources in three directions: the Kymijoki River Basin, the Kokemenjoki River Basin and the little rivers flowing into the Gulf of Finland. One of these courteous sources is the Rocking Source.


Oulanka National Park is a special corner of the world that until we ended occurring there by unintentional, I had never heard approximately. Located just again 900 km north of the Finnish capital.

Photos Of Finland Winter

Helsinki and 14km from the Soviet be muggy to, Oulanka National Park is a destination that can be enjoyed anything the season.

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In the winter snowshoe trails and annoyed country skiing disclose the reforest to be explored including areas that are restricted in the summer months following rare flowers are protected by eliminating human footprints.

In the summer a trail that runs 80km from Luontokeskus in the north to Ruka in the south is serious appeal. There are wilderness huts along the route allowing overnight stays.

Best Photography Location in Finland, The summer is afterward a real period to investigate the shorter walking trails and attempt the rafting along the rivers of the park.

The park has an amazing array of wildlife including bears, migratory beige trout, the calypso orchid, Siberian jays and white-throated dippers that we saying flitting across the river by the early mill.

Karhunkierros Trail in Oulanka national park is Finland’s best loved hiking route.

The trekker will savour the photogenic scenery including roaring waterfalls and winding rivers, and cross gorgeous gorges on hanging bridges and of course also, this beautiful old mill on the bank of the Myllykoski rapids.


The Suomenlinna is an 18th-century sea fortress and birds place in the back centuries-dated artillery and defensive walls, press very old across 6 amalgamated islands.

Walking trails heated parkland in addition to popular sights behind the Kings Gate drawbridge and Suomenlinna Museum, which recounts military and maritime records.

Submarine Vesikko lets visitors consider a restored 1930s vessel. There’s along with a brewery and several waterside restaurants

The Lord of The Rings might have been filmed in New Zealand, but some gigantic Hobbit character can with be found from Finland, from the sea fortress of Suomenlinna to be interchange.

A ferry operates to Suomenlinna all 20 minutes all year round and the hobbit houses can be found from Suursaari island neighboring to the ruutikellari.


Best Photography Location in Finland, Want to get the best view over Helsinki? Take the elevator up to the Ateljee bar of Torni Hotel.

Situated in the centre of Helsinki – and perhaps enjoy a drink while you’re at it.

Tourists to Helsinki can enjoy a wander down the Mannerheimintie, the towns major street, which fringed considering large total of cultural and fun draws.

Helsinki, the epicenter of Finland, situated in financial savings account to the countrys southern shore in savings account to a little peninsula in the Gulf of Finland.

Theres the Finnish Parliament House, the National Museum, where tourists can know more or less Finlands records as far-off-off assert as the Stone Age, and the Kiasma, a realization-hours of day art museum.

In Helsinki, tourists can moreover manner Uspenski Cathedral, a red brick construction that made in the 19th century and stands at the fringe of the towns harbor.

Helsinki is a fantastic home base for a vacation in Finland, following than large sum of new cities and towns in rapid isolate for a day tour. Free ski doo manualsanimationsupport. No astonishment, its one of the best tourist attractions in Finland


This National Park is a national park in Posio, Finnish Lapland. It highly thought of in 1982 and covers 77 square kilometres.

The park is about a mountainous place, and there are furthermore many swamps, especially hillside swamps. The single-handedly wilderness hut in the park is located muggy the twin-peak of Riisitunturi, 465.3 m

In winter the spruce trees that lid many of Riisitunturi National Parks hillsides are clad considering a thick coating of condensed frost. Creating a photogenic white forest instagrammers just cant stay away from.


This location is a fell in Enonteki, Finland. Saana’s peak lies 1,029 metres above sea level and 556 m above the neighboring-door Kilpisjrvi lake.

Geologically part of the Scandinavian Mountains, and made of the same kinds of schist and gneiss rock. The mountain historically considered sacred to the Sami people.

Saana is located right by the village Kilpisjarvi, visible from all corners of the place.

It said to be the best known fell in Finland, due to easily recognisable impinge on making it a terrible destination for photographers.