Philippine Treasures (documentary)

Philippine CIVIL CODE Laws and Regulations - these are the early Civil Codes from 1972 through 1983 (vital information for PI land owners/treasure hunters). Presidential Decree No. 1726-A: GUIDELINES ON TREASURE HUNTING IN THE PHILIPPINES (Oct. Philippine cultural heritage and identity is a priceless treasure and well within our grasp. We need to recognize it before we destroy it in pursuit of a glittering mirage.

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September 11, 2011
The GMA News and Public Affairs Department announces the showing of a special feature on the country’s historical artifacts – Philippine Treasures hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco. This is set to air on September 11, 2011, Sunday, at 10:30 p.m. This production aspires to rekindle the Filipinos’ interest on the Philippines’ rich culture and colorful history.

Philippine Treasure Hunting


This special feature will include the following topics:
a. Bayan ng Ginto

Philippine Treasure Documentary Reaction Paper

A look at Ayala Museum’s Gold of Ancestors exhibit showcasing the gold accessories that were found in Surigao in 1981. The collection is proof of the country’s rich culture and the gold artifacts are evidences of the ancestors’ seamless craftsmanship. Unfortunately, some of the country’s important gold treasures, like the Golden Tara (ancient statue of the Hindu-Malayan Goddess that was found by a Manobo woman in Agusan in 1971), are now in the possession of other international museums;

b. Hikaw ni Lapu-Lapu

An excavation was done by the National Museum in Boljoon Cebu in June where they found an earring that according to experts was only worn by Chieftains. Since Boljoon was in Cebu, there was a possibility that Lapu-Lapu had worn this earring;

c. Burial Jars
Learn about the anthropomorphic (human form) burial Jars, more popularly known as the Maitum Jars, which were discovered at Sarangani province in 1991. These jars date back 5BC, and are also considered as one of the most sought after artifacts among private
collectors. These national treasures are reportedly exported and traded illegally in the black market;

d. Baybayin
Two stone tablets in Monreal, Masbate which were previously used as doormats, were discovered to have encryptions in Baybayin, an ancient form of Filipino writing. Only a handful of Filipino tribes, including the Hanonoo Mangyan in Mindoro, understand the Baybayin.
Witness as this ethno linguistic group and other experts try to decode what the encryptions tell about the culture at that time; and e. Status of National Museum – A look at the state of the National Museum, the institution that houses all the country’s National Treasures, and to discover what it truly says about the Filipinos’ concern for their culture and heritage.
Issues involving the storage facilities, preservation equipment, and funding concerns will be discussed.