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Test World is based in Northern Finland and specialises in tyre and vehicle winter testing. It is part Millbrook. Its highly experienced drivers and engineers are on hand to support any customer requirement. Oy LLC (limited liability company) Usage notes. According to KOTUS the non-capitalized form oy is the recommended one. It is also used in the current Limited Liability Companies Act in force since 2006. In the older law the abbreviation was Oy and it is still widely used in non-official contexts.

Oy or OY may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Oy, an animal character in Stephen King's Dark Tower series
  • Oy (album), a studio album of Iranian singer-songwriter Mohsen Namjoo
  • Oy (band), a music duo which performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival


  • Oy, a village in the Oy-Mittelberg municipality, Bavaria, Germany
  • Oy, Russia, a rural locality (selo) in Khangalassky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia
  • County Offaly, Ireland (code OY)


  • Conair of Scandinavia, former Danish airline (flight code prefix OY-)
  • Omni Air International IATA airline designator
  • 'OY' (Oscar Yankee), an aircraft registration code prefix for airplanes from Denmark
  • Bedford OY, a British army lorry introduced in 1939


  • Oy or Oi language, spoken in Laos
  • Oy, a Yiddish exclamation of chagrin, dismay, exasperation or pain, commonly used in the phrase oy vey
  • oy, a digraph found in many languages
  • Oi (interjection), sometimes spelled 'oy', a British slang interjection used to get someone's attention
  • Uk (Оу оу), a cyrillic homoglyph of Oy

Other uses[edit]

  • Osakeyhtiö, often abbreviated Oy, a type of Finnish limited company
  • Edin Øy (born 1997), Norwegian footballer
  • Nils E. Øy (born 1946), Norwegian newspaper editor

See also[edit]

  • Jenna von Oÿ (born 1977), American actress and country music singer
  • Oye! (film), a 2009 Telugu film starring Siddharth Narayan and Shamili
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New music is pending while we're still hanging loose between the past and the future.
On a philosophical level, a crisis could be compared to migration - there is trauma, there are uncertainties, there is hope - that our societies could learn lessons. We are all connected, and the major challenges of our time are global ones. We need to stop pretending that what affects another part of the planet will have no effect on us. Stop exploitation of people, of animals, of nature, of countries. Come on, come, on, come on, common ground!



We're busy as bees.. writing new OY songs, collaborating on theatre productions or animation movies, exploring the space within and around us, digging. and starting to feel excited about being back on stage with our new material in the not so far future, yo!





We’re happy to share the release of our first book “notes from outer space” - a diary of images, new music and words extending our Space Diaspora album. In collab with graphic designers oiler/irena germano, OY reflect on future visions mirroring the now. Get it on bandcamp! The soundtrack is exclusively available with the book . Preview/listen by clicking on the image or enter www.spacediaspora.net

Mass storage controller driver for windows 7 gateway laptop. 22.08.2018

Oy Vay

Thank You

Oy Vey Translation To English

With just one show left to go, we already give a shout to all who were with us this summer - we experienced some magical moments! And. please stay tuned for bonus material surrounding our trip to Space Diaspora - coming soon!


OY's pArtY summer - join us!

14.07. Pod'Ring Bienne (CH) / 24.07. ZigZag Club Cairo (ET) / 26.07. Int. Summer Festival Alexandria (ET) / 28.07. Agratamagatha Festival Riedenburg (DE) / 04.08. UckerAlm Prenzlau (DE) / 10.08. Wilde Möhre Festival Drebkau (DE) / 17.08. Pop-Kultur Berlin - Kulturbrauerei (DE) / 01.09. Soundrive.pl Gdansk (PL)

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