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Hello Youtube today I am going to be showing you how to connect your PS3 Controller to your PC Make Sure you also have a USB cord for your controller so you can hook it up to your PC Good Luck if. The PCSX2 0.9.7 emulator is a capable PlayStation 2 emulator that allows you to play PS2 games. Download the MotionInJoy drivers for your PS3 controller.

A keyboard and mouse may be the preferred input device for PC gaming, but there are others who are more comfortable with a console controller. Anyways, some genres-- like racing and fighting-- work better with a console controller (unless you are willing to fork over money for a special setup, like a fightstick).

No matter why you want to use a PS3 controller, we’ve got you covered.

In our guide to using a PS3 controller on the PC there are essentially, 2 ways to do this (the model of PS3 you own is not important):

Libusb Pcsx2 Plugin Download It's up and running! Not sure if the libusb-win32 drivers are necessary, but I installed those and made sure to install a couple of individual.dll files in the directories listed in the instructions that comes with the drivers themselves. Libusb Pcsx2 Plugin Download Free If you want to use your pad in PCSX2 then in the controller plugin settings select DualShock 3 native mode. Fl studio stereo shaper. Then run a game or homebrew and hold the PS button until the red light at number 1 on the pad remains constant. You can then map all the buttons as normal.

  • Connecting Your PS3 Controller on a PC via the SCP Driver Package
  • Connecting Your PS3 Controller on a PC via SCP Toolkit
Libusb Pcsx2 Plugin Download

Pcsx2 Dualshock 3 Controller Setup

Note: looking for instructions on connecting your PS4 controller to your PC then check this out.

Also Note: you might have heard about MotioninJoy in the past, but it’s no longer a good option due to ads (and possible viruses). More about that below.

What You Need:

  • Original DualShock 3 controller
  • Mini-USB cable (aka default PS3 charging cable)
  • Bluetooth dongle if you wish to connect wirelessly (optional)

Pcsx2 Libusb Plugin Download

Avg antivirus serial key. Before anything else, make sure your PS3 is disconnected because if you press the PS button, it will connect with and turn on the PS3, thus not letting you connect it to your PC.

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Then, connect your PS3 controller to your PC via the mini-USB cable to install the initial set of PS3 controller drivers. When the initial installation is complete, download the following (these are necessary for the SCP software to work):


Download Dualshock 3 Pc Driver

  • Xbox 360 Controller Driver (A PS3 controller driver for Windows 7 and older)

Note: Most of you may already have these installed but it’s worth checking to avoid problems in the long run, especially if you aren’t sure if you have these in the first place. The installation process will tell you if you already have them installed so you can just opt-out from the installation process if needed.

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I connected it to the pc and pcsx2 recognised it But when I use the buttons to configure the controls in lilypad it doesn't work. Any solution? 2010-4-9 How to make Dualshock 3 work in pcsx2. Note that rumble also will probably not work, unless you go the libusb route. Alcoholic Newbie.

I am trying to get a PS3 Sixaxis controller to work with Ubuntu 12.04. The ubuntu wiki page for sixaxis says to install QtSixA, which I did. The issue now is actually using the controller. I installed 'SuperTux 2' to test it out. Normally, SuperTux says there is no joystick. When I plug in the PS3 Controller, and press scan, it then displays all of the controls and their assigned buttons. I can then click on a action and it will prompt me to press the button I want to assign. The issue here that pressing buttons on the controller doesn't do anything. I can't assign any of actions to a button on the controller.

The same goes for PCSX. I can configure the controller, and select the Sony Playstation(R)3 Controller from the drop down, but when I try to assign a button, pressing buttons on the PS3 controller doesn't do anything.

On the web, I see tons of guides on how to connect with Bluetooth, but my computer doesn't have a bluetooth dongle, so I just want to connect via USB.

In addition, QtSixA can see the controller too. I can 'configure default profile', which I have tried, but SuperTux 2 nor PCSX react any differently..

UPDATE: Following the Ubuntu Community Guide for Sixaxis guide, I tried sudo apt-get install libusb-dev libusb-0.1-4 xserver-xorg-input-joystick, and then compiled sixpair. Running sudo ./sixpair complains about enabling bluetooth, then SuperTux 2 can't find the controller anymore when I click scan.

After reading this article, I found out I have to press the PS button to get it working.. Well, that worked fine for using the controller as a POINTER device. I can now make my mouse on screen dance using the analog sticks. I am still unsure of how to get it working with SuperTux 2 and PCSX though..

Pcsx2 Ps3 Controller

When I didn't have xserver-xorg-input-joystick installed, pressing the PS button caused it connect to the PS3 in the other room as controller 2. I am very confused about what is going on right now..


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I have read something about it and I think it would be better to connect PS3 controller using bluetooth directly. Take a look of this.

I have read your limitations, and I still think that you need to use bluetooth. you could Buy a Bluetooth USB dongle, they are cheap (dealextreme.com/p/…).

Libusb pcsx2

I'm not sure if this will help, but when I set up my PS2 controller to play emulators I used jstest-gtk.

It took a little bit of time to get it set up between jstest-gtk and the emulator (I use ZSNES). After getting the controller to read properly through jstest-gtk I had to go into my emulator and assign all the buttons. (I had thought it would auto-detect the controller but it didn't.) It works great; I've not had any problems with it.

Like I said, I don't know if it will work for a PS3 controller though, but it might be worth the try.


I installed joy2key which can be installed directly from the repositories of debian, once installed before you run the program/emulator you run joy2key --dev /dev/input/[device number] --terminal, you need to configure the analog joysticks, (there is a way to avoid this later but I haven't look how to write the configuration file), then you are good to go, I use it with MAME and others, I still can't make it work with some snes emulators, hope this work for any who need to use it with the USB port.

You need to run this command in terminal:

have a look at this.

Karl-Patrick BarnesKarl-Patrick Barnes

Pcsx2 Lilypad Plugin

Libusb 64 Download


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  • what time this project will support in win10 system ....

  • I tried to compile the libusb-sys v1.2.6.0 project with Visual Studio community 2013 and WinDDK v7600.16385.1. and get two error messages as below: 1>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0V120Microsoft.MakeFile.Targets(38,5): error MSB3073: The command 'CD 'D:LibUSB1260libusb-win32-src-' 1>C:Program Files (x86)MSBuildMicrosoft.Cppv4.0V120Microsoft.MakeFile.Targets(38,5): error MSB3073: CMD /C make.cmd 'arch=x86' 'app=driver' 'noclean=true' 'outdir=D:LibUSB1260libusb-win32-src-' 'DIR_INTERMEDIATE=D:LibUSB1260libusb-win32-src-' 'debugmode=true' exited with code 1. By the way, I had modified the make.cfg file and NMake Including Search Path setting based on my environment.

Pcsx2 Libusb Plugin Download

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