Kriget Kommerrenaissance

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Om Kriget kommer- TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET. Best of compilation
covering the years 1974-81. Released in 1996.

Kriget kommer renaissance club

Renaissance Napoleonics WW2 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Rules & Downloads Basing Time Part 2: Infantry. 20/6/2017 0 Comments The rebasing of the infantry turned out to be a bit more eclectic than the shooty troops. They draw from two separate collections, one for Warhammer Fantasy with larger blocks of troops, and one smaller that I made. Members: Christoffer Roth, Gustav Bendt, Mattias Franzen, Per Nordmark a1313098 Artist. Edit Artist; Share. Marketplace 28 For Sale. Vinyl and CD Discography; 5 Releases 2 Albums 3 Singles & EPs.



1. Hej på er (Fredin-Thörnvall) 4:30
2. Krigssång (Fredin-Thörnvall) 4:33
3. En kväll hos x (Fredin-Thörnvall) 5:35
4.Hur står det till (Lundquist-Thörnvall) 4:27
5. Ur djupen (Fredin-Thörnvall) 3:46
6. Europa (Fredin-Thörnvall) 6:05
7. Moln på marken (Fredin) 3:20
8. Mina löjen (Fredin-Thörnval) 8:09
9. Jag och jag och “jag” (Åkerberg-Thörnvall) 3:20
10. Blues (Fredin-Thörnvall) 3:15
10. Dagspress (Fredin-Thörnvall) 3:52
12. Som förut (Fredin-Thörnvall) 5:00
13. Metamorfoser (Åkerberg-Thörnvall) 4:34
14.Natten som alltid (Fredin-Thörnvall) 4:00
15. Om kriget kommer (Fredin-Thörnvall) 4:12
16. Andra sidan (Fredin-Åkerberg) 5:30

Kriget Kommerrenaissance

Kriget Kommer Renaissance Museum

Kriget Kommerrenaissance


Kriget Kommer Renaissance Inn

Cover by Ossie.
Mastered by Peter Dahl and Dag Lundquist,Cutting Room,Stockholm,1995.
Arranged and compiled by Trettioåriga Kriget.
Produced by Trettioåriga Kriget