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The Mavic Mini remote controller can be used with an iPad; however, the app firmware is not yet optimized for this device, so users may experience some minor issues. We are currently working to optimize this device for use and we appreciate your patience. Additionally, when using an iPad, the included cable may not be long enough to connect.

The Google Home and Home Mini are fantastic additions to a smart home, but have you ever wished they had better sound quality? Perhaps, like that expensive Bluetooth speaker you bought years ago. The good news is, you can actually pair your Bluetooth speakers with the Google Home speakers.

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This is the perfect way to supercharge those cheap Google Home Mini speakers you might have scattered across your home. Plus, it really takes your whole-home audio to the next level when you use bigger better speakers. Best of all, it’s not even that difficult to set up, just follow the steps below.

1. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker and put it into pairing mode.
2. Open the Google Home app.
3. Select the Google Home speaker you wish to connect the Bluetooth speaker to.
4. Tap on the settings cog.
5. Scroll down and choose Default music speaker.
6. Tap on Pair Bluetooth speaker.
7. Now, choose your Bluetooth speaker.
8. After the speaker has paired, hit the done button and you’re all set.

That’s all you have to do, it might look like a lot of steps but it’s actually pretty quick and simple to set up. Now, that you have the speaker paired, there are some things you should know.

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All voice responses, alarms, and timers will continue to playback through the Google Home or Home mini speaker. The Bluetooth speaker will only be used for media playback. To adjust the volume of the Bluetooth speaker you will need to use the command, “Hey Google, turn up/down the music volume.”

Also, it is possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your Google Home, but it will only connect to one at a time. By default, your Google Home will connect to the most recently connected device automatically, but only if that Bluetooth speaker is powered on.

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In many situations, a dehumidifier is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Humidity is problematic. It creates the presence of uncomfortable moisture in the air. Often, this produces a higher risk for mold development.

Dehumidification is an important method for getting rid of that moisture. Some homes are more likely to have this need for dehumidification than others. One of the solutions for fixing the moisture problem is with a minisplit or a ductless mini split, as it is sometimes called.

A ductless mini-split works much like a traditional air conditioner. Your AC helps to remove moisture from the air as it cools the indoor environment. It’s like having a tiny dehumidifier in the system.

In the same manner, it’s possible to use mini splits to remove moisture from the air, improving the air conditioner’s efficiency or adding this benefit if there is no AC at work. The mini split itself is an efficient, quiet-running system. It works very effectively to reduce the moisture present in the surrounding space. An example of this type of dual dehumidifier benefit can be found in the Mitsubishi models carried by 128 Plumbing.

These systems can remove moisture from indoor air without the need for ductwork. As ductless systems, you can place them just about anywhere – such as in a home addition, a basement that does not have accessible ductwork, or in other areas.

When it comes to dehumidification, most property owners in East Boston and Middlesex County as a whole will find dehumidifiers necessary. It is a common fact that our summers here get very muggy and sticky. The summer months are the prime time when dehumidification becomes critical. Humidity mixed with heat – which is prevalent in our area, is very uncomfortable and hard to manage.

There are health reasons for incorporating dehumidification as well. For example, without dehumidification, the air can become hard to breathe, especially for those who have a compromised respiratory system, asthma, or allergies. Excess humidity puts added strain on the body as it attempts to cool itself. A lack of dehumidification can also encourage the growth of bacteria, mold, and allergen presence in your home. Most people will find that dehumidification makes it easier to relax and remain comfortable, even if the air is warm, which is an option with a mini-split.

Another key reason for changing your environment with a mini-split is because the dehumidification can actually make the home feel more comfortable even when the temperature is a bit higher. In this way, the mini-split works to lessen your need for AC, reducing your energy costs while keeping you comfortable. In many ways, the mini-split dehumidification process makes your indoor air quality much better.

To dehumidify, the mini-split needs to be appropriately sized for the space. At 128 Plumbing, we sometimes recommend the Mitsubishi models because they are customizable, but you can dehumidify with other models too. Here is how to get dehumidifier use from your mini-split.

When the minisplit is in the cooling mode, which is the most common use of the ductless mini-split, it will pull in warm air, which then flows over a coil. Parrots modshome. This coil in the mini-split is filled with cold refrigerant. As the mini-split continues to pull in warm air, the coolant works to pull the heat out of the air. Then, the mini-split cycles that air right back out into the home at a cooled temperature.

The mini-split works to reduce the temperatures evenly in most areas much like a heat pump would. However, as the air cools, the moisture that is present condenses into a liquid. The minisplit then works to dehumidify by capturing that moisture and separating it from the air that is moving out of the system. The process of dehumidification, in this case, is much like what happens when cold water is placed in a glass in an area where the air temperature is high. The water stored in the air around the glass will dehumidify, creating water droplets on the outside of the glass. The same basic principle is occurring here with the minisplit.

As mentioned, Mitsubishi offers this type of ductless system. We often talk about the Mitsubishi models of ductless systems because they are versatile. However, there are several Mitsubishi models to consider.

When choosing one of the ductless systems from Mitsubishi for your home or other property, you need to consider its size and design. Some of the Mitsubishi mini-split systems will work more efficiently than others based upon your need, such as the size of the space and the number of zones you wish to cool using the Mitsubishi unit. Mitsubishi is just one of several companies that offer this type of ductless system, but it is one of the better solutions for those who need a dehumidifier along with their mini split system.

In some situations, the dehumidifier, including the Mitsubishi models, will operate in what is called a dry mode. This option is ideal when you wish to remove the moisture from the air – dehumidify it – but you do not necessarily want to cool the air.

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In this method, the goal is to dehumidify the air without reducing the temperature in the space. If the model of split system you have is designed with a dry mode, making the switch is all that is necessary. It works in the same method, overall, as cooling the air. The difference is that to dehumidify, the fan speeds are much lower than what is normally used in a split system designed to cool at the same time. The air is moving through the dehumidifier at a much slower speed, allowing for the unit to remove more moisture without cooling the air as much.

Most often, these split dehumidifiers will still reduce the temperature in the space somewhat, but it is not likely to be as much as what would happen in a traditional mini split where the goal is to cool the area as well.

In Middlesex County and most of Eastern MA, there are plenty of days that are very hot and humid. As the temperature rises and the air pulls in moisture from the surrounding bodies of water, it can create a very uncomfortable experience in your home.

There are several reasons to use a dehumidifier in this environment. First, a ductless system like this is beneficial for those who have an add-on or inefficient ductwork through the home. A system like this, including the Mitsubishi models, is also a good choice when there is a lack of traditional AC in the space. For example, if your home improvement project added more usable space to the home with an addition, you may not have enough ductwork in place.

Additionally, you may wish to use this system to dehumidify your basement. Many people in our area typically benefit from a dehumidifier for their basement because it is the most likely location to build up moisture. Keep in mind that with dry mode, the cooling can be turned off. In general, this can help to reduce moisture in the area and reduce the risk of mold in these areas.

When it comes to the need to dehumidify the home, there are many factors to consider. First, allow our team to provide a comprehensive inspection to determine if your home may have a humidity level that is too high for comfort and creates a risk for mold growth. Then, we can make recommendations for a mini-split, such as a Mitsubishi model, that can work for you.

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At 128 Plumbing, we serve the Eastern MA area with superior service and quality products. Let us help make your home cool and comfortable with dehumidification units.