How Download Torrent On Ipad

Good news everyone! There is now a way to download torrent files on iPhone and iPad without a Jailbreak and the need to risk your i-device warranty.

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Apple does not like the concept of BitTorrent and getting any app to download your torrent files is pretty difficult - Impossible in fact. However, you can still use your web browser and that's exactly where Bitport.io comes in.

If you've ever wished for you iPhone to have uTorrent on it, you would probably reconsider after seeing what can Bitport offer to you.

So, find the torrent you want to download and copy the link (by highlighting it and doing a long press), then selecting ‘Copy’. Or simply download the torrent file to your iOS device by clicking ‘More’ after you go to the Download screen and then choose ‘Save to Files’. This will prompt you where to save it on your device. Similar to uTorrent and torrenting on iOS, for iPad works the same scheme - on the torrent site, select the required torrent file and copy its link 4 Download the torrent file with zbigz.com Proceed to zbigz.com website and paste the link there.

Download Utorrent Ios

Bitport downloads torrent files to its server and provides them for you as a direct link download on a silver plate. This plate is encrypted by SLL encryption so keeping with the food metaphors, whatever you want to eat is staying hidden. As a result, you can torrent anonymously.

You can also stream any downloaded video files. If you are travelling, you can just stream from a slow wifi connection without the need to wait to finish the whole download.

Lastly, I've mentioned you can download on your iPad and iPhone with Bitport but that is not all. Because Bitport operates in your web browser, you can connect to any device you own, no matter what it is. This means you can also torrent on TV, Mac, PC, Android or Blackberry from one account. You can download torrents on your iPhone from school or work, get back home and stream the file on your PC.


How to download torrent on iPhone & iPad with Bitport

It's easy. Just sign up at Bitport.io, find a torrent file you want to download, copy the magnet link address of the file and paste it to Bitport. This works both for iPad and iPhone. You can also download Bitport iOS app and login with your Bitport account.

After you add your torrent file, Bitport downloads it to its server, moves the file to your personal cloud and from there, you can either stream or download the torrent to you iPhone or iPad.

Torrenting on iOS has never been easier

You can try Bitport for free or you can go for the premium version. Just in the case you are not happy with the service, contact the customer support and Bitport will give you your money back.

Download Torrents on iPad – A huge number of iPad users are looking for apps or tweaks to download torrents at high speeds, but they are not willing to jailbreak their device for this purpose. It’s okay if you do not want to jailbreak your device and you are on the right page which is going to show you the steps about how to download torrents on iPad without jailbreaking your device. Previously when you had to download torrent files on iOS devices, you had to jailbreak your device as there was no other option.

It is important for using torrent download apps because no matter how slow or fast your internet connection is, you shall be able to upload and download torrents on iPad. This can be achieved through proper porting techniques on slow connections.

Advantages of Downloading Torrents on iPad – No Jailbreak:


How To Download Torrent Movies On Ipad Pro

There are huge numbers of applications available to download torrents on Android; but to download torrents on iPad or other iOS devices, there is not a single torrent downloading app on the Appstore. The reason is Apple has banned any torrent related apps from releasing onto the Appstore. Apple is really strict on anything that offers paid things for free. But there is a simple solution for this problem about how to download torrents on ipad without jailbreak.

But before we delve deep into the complete procedure for downloading torrents for iDevices, you need to remember that this method also works for all previous versions of iOS. So it won’t matter if you got an iPad Air and iPad mini which is running on iOS 7 or iPad 2 running on iOS 6. To overcome the problem of how to download torrents on iPad, in this guide, we have come up with simple and easy solutions where we are going to make use of two websites for downloading files from torrents at high speeds. Also we shall make use of your very own safari browser. Check them out.

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How To Download Torrent On Ipad With Jailbreak

Steps to Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak:

1) Open safari browser on your iPad and open any torrent website like “piratebay.se”.(kickass.so, torrentdownloads.me, etc)

2) Click on any links of movies, videos or games you like and hold your finger on “Get this Torrent”.

Utorrent Ipad

3) Then you have to hold on or press down the download link of the torrent that you want to download so that the link can be copied.

4) After that, a pop up shall appear with 3 options “open, copy, cancel”.

5) You have to select copy and then open a new tab on your browser. After that open the website, “zbigz.com”.

6) On that site you shall see a blank space for URL. Paste the link that you copied from the previous torrent site and then click on GO.

7) Wait for some time for zbigz to create a download link. After you get the link, tap on it for downloading the torrent file on your iDevice.

That’s it, you are done; and all your torrent files can be downloaded in this way. Now that you know how to download torrent files, you need to remember that the bit torrent technology is completely legal for using. A huge number of people assume all torrent downloading is illegal but that is not at all true.