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Your profile speaks louder than what you actually performed and that is reason, people are spending more on profile making thus matching it with brand value. A delegate and intrinsic business profile can not only empower your impression but also helps in winning business deals. A business profile template of an individual or an organization gives information about the business or that individual like business history, registration number, entity name, key business activities, registration date, address of branches and head office, owners and charges of business. Generally business profile is required at the time of opening new business branch, at the admission of new partner to the partnership business, to apply for licenses or approvals. Creating a business profile in professional way is very crucial. A business profile template might be updated annually. A business profile template can be described as a type of definition that used in business to abstract the major characteristics of the business. Well, the business profile should help the business to recognize all those areas where the certain individual will have to make substantial changes.

A minimal 38 pages company profile template; perfect for small and big agencies. Present your company in a professional neat and elegant way. Fonts and images are all free and links to download them are included. A company profile is a professional introduction of the business and aims to inform the audience about its products and services. It can be used as a marketing tool, to attract investors and clients who might be interested in the product or service provided by the company.

Benefits of Business Profile Template;

Company profile Who we are SYNOT Group is an international structure of companies that do business in more than twenty countries all over the world and employ over 3,000. Organize and outline a comprehensive company profile for print or online with this free company profile template from IMPACT. IMPACT is digital sales and marketing company focused on empowering business leaders with the education, tools, training and support needed to grow their companies and careers.

Yes! With the support of business profile the employer will be able to figure out areas where improvement must require. The business profiles will use to set the diverse segments of business. No doubt, a precise business profile will outline the most crucial parts of any developing business. Thus, business profile may supposed to be the directory of business which for sure will lead the potential clients to known about business policies and ideas in a better way. This business profile format which is provided in this post, is our best example of high quality. No matter whether you are using it for personal purpose or business purpose, whether for personal use commercial use, it is perfect for every kind of use.

Setting of Business Profile Format

Printable setting of this business profile is by default set and there is no need to waste time on this. Since we are providing one format at one time, therefore we shall discourage our users to use it same as it given. Try to make some necessary changes in format and design as well as in content. This will help you in making it perfect and unique for your business or shop. In case, if you need to add something, like content or images, then you can do it because our motive is to provide you a format which can make you comfortable.

Templates for Business Profile

Business Profile Template Word

Business Profile Sample


Business Profile Example


Corporate Business Profile Template

Free Download Company Profile Powerpoint Template


Free Download Company Profile

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Free Download Company Profile


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Free business profile template download

Business Profile Plan Template


Service Business Profile Template


Company Profile Template


Free Download Company Profile Powerpoint Templates

Business Company Profile Template



Company Profile – Your Company Brochure.

It’s an app that have basic and necessary information that any Company/Organization must have, Like it’s News, Portofolio/Products, Location on Map, Gallery, About Us & Contact Us, In a neat simple way.
Company Profile is applicable for any Company / Organization (can be for example for Universities / Schools, SuperMarkets, Any selling Store, Restaurants, Libraries…etc

Company Profile Features:

  • News RSS Feed into friendly List. (just change URL & it will work right away)
  • Easy Updatable online XML Database connected to your Listview.
  • Static / Dynamic data choices available.
  • Put your Company marker on Google Map.
  • Show Direction from User location to your Company location.
  • Nice Gallery view to show Company’s pictures & portofolio.
  • All Company Contact details in one neat List.
  • Ability to Add/Remove icons on the Home screen.
  • Step by Step Documentation.

Try our Demo of Company Profile made for “The Open University” on Google Play: Download Link
Click on (Video Preview) to watch a sample video for Company Profile app.

Free Download Company Profile Template

Files Included

  1. The customized version: “The Open University” app full source code.
  2. Step by Step documentation, showing How to customize this code to fit for any Company profile.
  3. The XML Database including How to edit it in the documentation.
  4. The .apk file.

Download Free Company Profile Templates

Why your Company should have app like Company Profile?

Free Company Profile Maker

  • Marketing: You can put small banner or bar code for your App in your site, or at your Company, on news…etc
  • Fame: Any big Company now should have mobile app to show it’s profile & portofolio, it’s mobile age now.
  • Accessibility: a mobile app like Company guide is available to be downloaded & used to anyone, anywhere, & anytime.
  • Prestige: to have mobile app is really giving good prestige & good impression to your clients.
  • Light & neat: You can’t put much info in a free flyer (2 pages for example) that you distribute to people to show your clients your Company profile, but with Company Guide app, you can put mostly all your data in addition to the ability of updating this data, available anywhere, anytime in an organized easy way, so you saved effort, cost & time.