Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume

Select Monitors → Firmware VPD to view the firmware vital product data for the BladeCenter unit.

The following illustration shows the Firmware Vital Product Data page for an advanced management module.


Firmware SAMSUNG SM-A507FN SM-A507FN/DS SM-A507F/DS SM-A507F. Firmware Samsung SM-A5100. UPDATE: HP finally surrendered after massive complaints of customers and released official firmware updates disabling the blocking mechanism for older and non-genuine cartridges. For more information and link to official firmware fix click here. Direct link to official 8610 firmware is here. The following article is kept for.

Note: The management module needs to be restarted before it can use a newly downloaded firmware image. This page will display, on separate lines, vital product data about both the current and the pending software loads.
Click Firmware Vital Product Data to view the VPD for the firmware in all blade servers, I/O modules, and management modules in the BladeCenter® unit. The firmware VPD that is collected and stored varies by BladeCenter unit type.
  • When an advanced management module is installed in some BladeCenter units, you also can view the VPD for the chassis cooling unit and power-supply cooling unit firmware.
  • For an advanced management module that is installed in a BladeCenter S unit, you also can view the VPD for the storage-module firmware.

The firmware VPD includes the firmware type and version information such as a build ID, release date, and revision number. The VPD information varies by BladeCenter component type; for example, the VPD for the management-module firmware might also include the file name of the firmware components. (After you select Firmware Vital Product Data, it takes up to 30 seconds to refresh and display information.)

For blade servers, the level status compares the firmware build level for all blade servers in a BladeCenter unit and the build levels in the optional Blade Firmware List, providing one of the following indications:

  • If the level status indication for a blade server is blank, the firmware for the blade server is not being checked.
  • The icon indicates that like blade servers have the same firmware level or that firmware on the blade server matches the requirements specified in the Blade Firmware List. Click on the icon to view and edit the Blade Firmware List.
  • The icon indicates that like blade servers have different (mismatched) firmware levels or that the firmware on the blade server does not match the requirements specified in the Blade Firmware List. Click on the icon to update the blade server firmware.
  • The icon indicates a unique blade server (there is only one blade server of a type installed in the BladeCenter unit) and that no firmware requirements are specified for this blade server type in the Blade Firmware List. Click on the icon to edit the Blade Firmware List, where a new entry will automatically be created for the blade server type. After firmware information is entered for the blade server, the configuration needs to be saved for the changes to take effect.

Click the icon at the top of the Level column to view, edit, download, or upload build ID levels in the Blade Firmware List.

The list of blade server firmware VPD is initially generated based on what is detected in the BladeCenter unit and displays in the Blade Firmware List on the Blade Firmware Management page.

In the Blade Firmware Management page, blade server firmware VPD information can be edited in the Blade Firmware List tab. Clicking Rebuild List will scan the BladeCenter unit and generate a list of blade server firmware VPD based on what is detected. The list contains information for only those blade servers that have VPD which is fully accessible by the advanced management module. Any blade servers with VPD that is unavailable or failed will be ignored and not appear in the list. This list can then be modified manually to specify different requirements. You must make sure to enter information in the manufacturer, machine type, firmware type, and build ID fields.

The Export List and Import List tabs allow the blade server firmware VPD, as seen on the Blade Firmware List tab, to be saved to or loaded from a file. The blade server firmware VPD file filename is automatically named in the form ammName_YYYYMMDD_hhmmss_buildids, where:

Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume firmware
  • The ammName indicates the name of the advanced management module
  • The YYYYMMDD indicates the date of blade server firmware VPD export in year-month-day format.
  • The hhmmss indicates the time of blade server firmware VPD export in hour-minute-second 24-hour clock format.

When an optional standby advanced management module is installed, the active advanced management module mirrors data and firmware updates to it. The firmware VPD for both the active and standby advanced management modules are displayed on this page. If the active advanced management module detects that the standby advanced management module is at a different firmware level, it attempts to update the standby advanced management module to the same level. Unless this operation is in progress, the firmware VPD should be identical for the active and standby advanced management modules.

Note: The BladeCenter S unit has one advanced management module and does not support an optional standby advanced management module.

Click Reload VPD to refresh the firmware VPD information for a selected blade server or for all blade servers in the BladeCenter unit.




Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller

The controller receives 96 universes of E131 data and can output pixel data to 16-48 strings with optional expansion boards.

Board current specs

New Features

  • 96 Universes of E131/Artnet.
  • 2-Port Switch to 'Daisy-Chain' controllers.
  • Wireless ESP-07 Module with board mount antenna. Optional external antenna can be ordered.
  • Falcon Player Remote Mode. The controller can store sequences on micro SD card and play in sync with FPP master.
  • Single 4-Layer Board that is 3/8” smaller in height.
  • Ability to drive two expansion boards. (Up to 48 strings both local and remote).

Board can be powered from pixel power or external power. Both inputs can be 5-13VDC.
Power output port to power switches.
Two independent sides of power. Each one can be a different voltage.
(Expansion board also has two independent pixel power inputs giving 4 independent ports of input power when using 32 string mode and expansion board)
Western hunter show. 16 - Fused outputs for main board and expansion board.
Number of strings
16, 32 or 48 with expansion boards.
All strings can use any of the 49152 channels this controller can receive as a start address.
Each string can be independently configured for null nodes, zigzag, forward/reverse, node type, pixel count , grouping etc..
Pixel per string
1024 pixels per string in 16 string mode, 1024 pixels per string shared between main and expansion boards.

String Types
All string ports can be any of the following string types. They all can be independently set.

Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume Upgrade

WS2801 / WS2803
WS2811 / WS2812 / TM1804 / TM1803 / TM1809 / TM1812 / SM16715 / INK1003
TLS3001 / TLS3002 / CY3005
LPD6803 / D705 / LPD1101 / USC6909 / UCS6912
GE Color Effects (GECE)
APA 102

DMX/Renard/Pixelnet Outputs
4 - Dedicated RS-485 outputs. 3 RJ-45 connectors and 1 3-pin connector (Not shown on image).
LCD Display,Push Buttons and Indicators
.96' OLED 128x64 matrix display for setup and status.
5 - Push buttons to control display. Up, Down, Right, Left and Select
Power LED indicator
Two multi purpose LEDS for status.
16 - Fuse LED Indicators

Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume 3.0

Temperature Sensors
1 - Processor temperature sensor.
2 - Additional Sensors
Voltage sensors
The incoming pixel voltages of main board are detected and displayed in user interface. (The webpage interface and OLED displays the voltages and temperatures.)
1) Expansion board must be within 1.5 feet of main board. Maybe further but no guarantee.

2) If you live in Australia or New Zealand, DarylC will be offering the boards over there. Pricing will differ.

This is the thread to see if you are in Australia or New Zealand. Please register on this forum.

Firmware 1416 (fdp1cn1416ar)fasrresume Firmware