Ezvid Screen Recorder Download

Ezvid Screen Recorder Free Download for Windows Key Features: This Ezvid Screen Recorder is the lightweight screen capture software but, it works very faster and smoother. The inbuilt video editor allows the user to edit the videos which are captured with this screen recording software. Ezvid screen recorder free download - Screen Recorder, Free Screen Recorder, Bandicam Screen Recorder, and many more programs.

Latest version – 1.0.89 Release date: 18 Nov 2020

Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

  • No watermarks & no recording limits

  • Capture screenshots and videos with a single hotkey

  • Free private & secure cloud storage included

Why is it free?2020-01-17T11:27:37+02:00

We developed ScreenRec as an internal project to help us communicate more effectively, give each other feedback and avoid unnecessary meetings. For now, it has the basic functionality we think is vital for such a product, so it doesn’t make sense to cut some of the features and make them premium. In the future, we may offer upgrades such as more storage space but we haven’t really decided on this yet.

Do you have access to my videos?2020-01-17T10:43:22+02:00

No. ScreenRec is built on top of the StreamingVideoProvider business video platform. Your videos and screenshots are encrypted with the 128-bit AES algorithm which means that only you or people you gave the sharing link to can view them. We don’t have access to your content.

Is ScreenRec 100% safe & clean?2019-06-20T15:43:12+02:00

Yes. ScreenRec is 100% clean and free of any viruses and malware. You can check it yourself here.

ScreenRec is powered by StreamingVideoProvider – most complete and affordable online video platform that offers full suite of products and services that reduce the cost and complexity associated with publishing, protection, delivery, measuring and monetizing video across devices.

If you are still unsure, please use the live chat widget to get in touch with a real human or call us on +1 (877) 597 3836 or +44 (0) 845 867 4819

Is there a watermark on the free screen recorder?2019-10-08T13:11:18+02:00

No. Your screen recordings are free of any watermarks. ScreenRec is a free screen recorder with no watermark.

Is the screen recorder really free?2019-10-16T09:10:20+02:00

Yes. ScreenRec is 100% Free. On this page, you’ll find a full version of the free screen recorder.
ScreenRec is the only free screen recorder and screenshot annotation tool that works on Windows, Mac and Linux and comes with FREE 2GB cloud storage that gives you instant and private sharing for your recordings!

Can I record my desktop screen and audio?2019-06-20T15:35:51+02:00

Here is a guide on How To Record Screen And Audio

What is Cloud Recording?2019-06-20T15:36:15+02:00

With the Cloud Recording technology your screencasts are uploaded to our secure video platform while you’re recording. You don’t have to connect to third-party services like DropBox, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. You don’t have to wait for your screencasts to upload.

Will ScreenRec work if I don’t have an internet connection?2019-06-20T15:33:21+02:00

ScreenRec will queue your screen captures and auto sync them with your cloud account as soon as you’re back online.

Can ScreenRec save my files locally?2019-06-20T15:34:31+02:00

Yes. ScreenRec saves your screenshots and screencasts to your local hard drive. You can view these local copies whenever you need to.

Does ScreenRec work on all operating systems?2019-06-20T15:33:01+02:00

Yes, except mobile. ScreenRec works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Will my screencasts play on all devices?2019-06-20T15:34:49+02:00

Yes because they are stored in your cloud account. Anyone can view your screencasts on any device, including mobile.

Is there a recording limit?2019-06-20T15:50:58+02:00

No & Yes
Upon installation of ScreenRec, you’ll be prompted to create a free cloud account ( recommended ), which not only will remove the 5-minute time limit but also will provide you with instant and private sharing for your screencasts.

In case you’ve decided not to create a free cloud account, there will be a 5-minute recording limit.

Can I record my voice?2019-06-20T15:36:00+02:00

Yes. You can record your voice while recording a screencast. You also have the option to toggle voice recording on or off.

1.0.89 ( Released date: 18 Nov 2020 )

  • [Improvment] – Multi-thread CPU encoding helping you to make a smoother video recording.
  • [Improvment] – App stability improvements.
  • [BUG] – Making the saved to disk mp4 files compatible with 3rd party players and video editing tools.

1.0.88 ( Released date: 15 Oct 2020 )

  • [New Feature] – Facecam – You can now capture your webcam (or webcam + screen). Great if you want to record personalized video messages, tutorials, presentations and talking head videos.
  • [Improvment] – You can now enjoy faster and smoother screen recording (up to 120 FPS)
  • [Improvment] – And you can control the video quality of your screen captures (SD, HD and 4K)

1.0.87 ( Released date: 27 April 2020 )


  • [Improvment] – After making a selection, the bottom left menu choice of taking video or image is now always visible.

1.0.86 ( Released date: 26 April 2020 )

  • [Bug Fix] – ScreenRec app was shown as offline for no reason. Some users may have seen the count down even though they are logged in.

1.0.85 ( Released date: 23 April 2020 )

  • [Bug Fix] – Memory leak causing longer recordings to get interrupted with a popup message.
  • [Improvment] – Core app stability improvements.
  • [Improvment] – Adding a prompt message to prevent users from deleting videos by mistake.

1.0.84 ( Released date: 18 March 2020 )

  • [Improvment] – Core app stability improvements.
  • [Bug Fix] – Screencasts sometimes were stuck in Uploading… state and needed to be removed to fix the queue, so newer items could be processed.

1.0.83 ( Released date: 10 March 2020 )

  • [Improvment] – Core app stability improvements.

1.0.82 ( Released date: 06 March 2020 )

  • [Improvment] – Core app stability improvements.

1.0.81 ( Released date: 06 March 2020 )

  • [Bug Fix] – App crashes at the end of the video recording.

1.0.80 ( Released date: 05 March 2020 )

  • [Feature] – Record System Sound – As an addition to the mic, users can now record system sound. Both the system sound and mic can be muted/unmuted on the fly while recording.
  • [Feature] – Record in HD – We’ve added the ability to record videos in HD quality.
  • [Improvment] – Added on-screen warning if the mic selected in Settings is no longer available.
  • [Bug Fix] – After an unexpected app crash, screencasts would upload indefinitely and, unless the users manually deleted them, new items were stuck in a queue and could not be shared.
Ezvid Screen Recorder Download

1.0.79 ( Released date: 18 Feb 2020 )

  • [Improvment] – Core App – Re-writing the logic around the background uploading process.
  • [Improvment] – Snapshot Tool – “Point and Comment” tool was improved, so when resized, it keeps the rectangular shape.

1.0.78 ( Released date: 23th Jan 2020 )

  • The quick access menu ( flying menu ) can be positioned anywhere on any monitor (multiple monitors setup).
  • Ability to record part or full area of any monitor ( multiple monitors setup).
  • Proxy support – users can now set a proxy server by going to App Settings > “User a proxy server” > ON
  • Ability to send debug logs to our support staff for easier troubleshooting of any issues. Go to App Settings > Send Logs

1.0.77 ( Released date: 10th Dec 2019 )

  • Includes bug fixes and improvements.

1.0.76 ( Released date: 20th Nov 2019 )

  • Includes bug fixes and improvements.

1.0.75 ( Released date: 18th Oct 2019 )

  • Includes bug fixes and improvements.

1.0.74 ( Released date: 27th Sept 2019 )

  • Quick desktop menu disappearance [bug] – From time to time, the quick desktop menu was disappearing, leaving users without necessary app functionality.
  • Remembering the last set input device in Settings > Sound Input Devices [bug] – The input device was self-resetting to the first available one on each app restart.
  • Non-logged in users could not get a sharable link from Recording History [bug] – if the user was not logged in and went to Recording History, uploading arrow was showed instead of Sharable Link.

1.0.73 ( Released date: 13th Sept 2019 )

  • App self-update procedure [feature] – Making the app to self-update when a new version is available upon app restart.
  • Video recording interruption [bug] – the video recording was getting interrupted unexpectedly.

1.0.72( Released date: 8th July 2019 )

  • Fixing scaled resolutions [bug] – If the app was used on a pc with a scaled resolution, the screenshots and video recordings were wrongly captured.
  • Fixing MP4 compatibility when saved locally [bug] – When mp4 was saved locally, the file was not compatible with 3rd party video editing software.

1.0.71( Released date: 8th July 2019 )

Free Screen Recorder For Gaming

  • Adding sorting and search functionality in Recording History [feature] – users can search for recordings based on their title, sort by date, name, size and filter by media ( videos or images )

It really matters to find a no lag screen recorder, especially when you record gameplay, live stream, video calls and other on-screen videos. You may suffer from lagging and choppy screen recorders before. Well, it is really a disaster. If you want to make your computer run faster while recording and playing, you need to get a lag-free screen recorder. Then here comes the question, which screen recorder can run smoothly on your computer? If you have no idea which one to choose, you can get more information here.

Screen Recorder No Lag

Part 1: Why Is Your Screen Recorder Lagging

Wondering why your computer runs slowly when you try to record a screen video? If you want to get rid of lagging screen recording experience, you should also know why your screen recorder delays or lags. In other words, it is a good way to reduce lag while screen recording.

Firstly, the overloaded RAM and CPU can cause screen recorder lagging. If you use a low-end PC, and you want to record screen video without lagging, you need to use a lightweight screen recorder.

Another reason is the incompatible screen recording settings. To make your screen recorder run faster with no lag, you can reduce the video frame rate. Because the higher frame rate you use, the more CPU and GPU load your computer suffers.

If you want to get a lightweight and powerful screen recorder no lag for PC or Mac, you just come to the right place. Just read and check.

Part 2: Best No Lag Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac

For most users, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder to record video on PC and Mac with no lag. No matter you want to record HD games while playing, or screen capture other live streaming videos, you can record screen without lag on your computer. The program minimizes the CPU and GPU usages while recording. Its hardware acceleration can speed up your computer and share more computer resources with other programs. Thus, you can record without lag in almost all situations. Let’s see what you can get from the no lag screen recording software.

  • 1. Record screen video and audio without lagging.
  • 2. Get hardware acceleration to make your recording run smoothly.
  • 3. Minimize the CPU and GPU usage while keeping screen recording in high quality.
  • 4. Adjust video frame rate (up to 60 fps), resolution, quality and other options.
  • 5. Add annotations, webcam overlay and voiceover into your recording video.

Step 1: Free download, install and launch AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Choose Video Recorder in the main interface.

Step 2: Hover your mouse over the browser window you want to record. Turn on System Sound to record video with audio. You can enable more options based on your need.

Step 3: Click REC to start recording without lagging. You can edit and take a screenshot during the entire recording process.

Step 4: When you stop recording, you will be in the Preview window. Click Play to have a check. You can trim a recording video here as well. At last, click Save to save your recording video.

Part 3: Alternative 3 Free No Lag Screen Recorders

If you are looking for a free screen recorder that can record your computer’s screen with no lag, you can take a look from the following recommendations.

Top 1: AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder

AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder is 100% free to use. The free screen recorder allows users to record screen video with audio on all browsers and programs. You can record video up to 24 fps to WMV or MP4 format. In most cases, the online screen recorder will not lag during recording.


  • 1. Record actions from desktop, browser, programs and more for free.
  • 2. Adjust the output video quality among the lowest, low, middle and high.


  • 1. There will be a watermark in your recording video file.
  • 2. You need to upgrade to its full version to unlock more functions.

Top 2: OBS

OBS is a free screen recording and streaming program for gamers. You can get multiple options for recording games with OBS. Thus, OBS pays attentions on no lag video recording as well. In addition, you can incorporate footage from games within OBS.


Ezvid Screen Recorder Download Free

  • 1. Record desktop video with your webcam and microphone voice.
  • 2. Install plugins into OBS to explore more screen recording features.


  • 1. The no lag free screen recorder has an overwhelming layout.
  • 2. OBS continue recording the moment you close the program.

Top 3: Ezvid

Ezvid is a simple screen recorder that can record and upload video to YouTube directly. You can record your voice or use computer-generated speed into your recording video. Thus, you can save much time with this no lag screen recorder.


  • 1. Record HD video with audio with fast speed. (Find HD screen recorders )
  • 2. Create a video and upload it to YouTube in one stop.


  • 1. Still have minor bugs and inconsistencies.
  • 2. Cannot record games in full screen.

Part 4: FAQs of No Lag Screen Recorder

Ezvid Video Maker

Is there any screen recorder no lag for Android?

Samsung has the built-in screen recorder application. As for other Android users, you can choose no lag screen recorder apk from AZ screen recorder, DU recorder, Mobizen screen recorder and more.

How to fix video lag or stutter?

Restart your computer to see if the video playback is normal. Or you can repair a laggy video with VLC Media Player. Just choose Preferences from the Tools drop-down list. In the Input & Codecs tab, you can unfold the drop-down list to choose Always fix. Later, click Save to save changes.

How to improve the quality of screen recording?

To make your recording video look better, you can increase the frame rate. Consequently, the file size will be large as well. By the way, increase or decrease the video resolution based on your need. The recording resolution should be lower than the displayed video.


These are top screen recorders that can record screen video without lagging, stuttering or delay. Can you get your best screen recorder with no lag here? You can feel free to share your questions and suggestions here.