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Empty space may refer to:


  • Outer space, especially the relatively empty regions of the universe outside the atmospheres of celestial bodies
  • Vacuum, a volume of space that is essentially empty of matter, such that its gaseous pressure is much less than atmospheric pressure
  • Free space, a perfect vacuum as expressed in the classical physics model
  • Vacuum state, a perfect vacuum based on the quantum mechanical model
  • In mathematical physics, the homogeneous equation may correspond to a physical theory formulated in empty space
  • Void, empty space.

Arts and literature[edit]

  • Empty Space, a novel by M. John Harrison
  • The Empty Space, a 1968 book by the British director Peter Brook
  • Empty Space Peter Brook Award, an annual prize awarded to a British theatre



  • Empty Space (album), a 2003 album by Lycia
  • Empty Space, a 2011 album by Buckethead
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  • 'Empty Space' (song), a 2018 song by James Arthur
  • 'Empty Space', a song by British band Air Traffic
  • 'Empty Space', a 2003 album by the darkwave band Lycia
  • 'Empty Space', a song by California pop punk band The Story So Far

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  • Negative space, in typography
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