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since i am using openlp with my video mixer i found a mode on the mixer that mixes the test with the video. in order for me to get the best result i need a black background with white text. i made a new theme just black with white text, however no matter what background i set to default when i display bible verses the first background (the one that's all blue with some kind of pattern in it) is the one that's is being displayed. as a workaround i changed that theme to all black. i looked in all the settings but couldn't find anything specifically for backgrounds for bible verses. i thought maybe it might have been in inital setup, but when i reran it the tool it said there was no connection to the internet so i'm not sure how i'm on the internet posting this right now (haha). it would be nice to see something in the settings for background settings. also i use libreoffice (because it too is free ((as in freedom))) and there is no plugin for it but for microsoft office or openoffice? micro$oft SUCKS and libre forked from openoffice awhile ago couldn't a patch or plugin be implemented for libre?

  • VideoPsalm uses a fairly simple JSON format for storing songs, it should be fairly easy to import from. Attached is an example. The song books are usually stored in C:UsersPublicDocumentsVideoPsalmSongBooks.
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  • Apart from minor editing it remains just as it was recorded. This is raw worship that captures something of the presence of God that we long for. The song has been recorded as an aid to personal worship.
  • To edit song lyrics, go into “Edit” mode with the “Pencil” button at the right of the window or use the Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut. Enter the song verses one below the other. Standard features of common word processors are available. When a verse is too long to fit on a single slide, split it in half by skipping a line.
23 psalm songSongvideopsalm

23 Psalm Song


i wasn't sure whether to post here or in development so don't beat me up too bad admins

Video Psalms Download

**edit** i forgot to say i'm using latest release on osx 10.6.8

Youtube Videos Psalms

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