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  1. Instructions come form this website: warriorcatsgame.weebly.com/download.html Downloading the warrior cats video game is very simple. All that you need to do is.
  2. Free download warrior cat game Files at Software Informer. Shoot the enemy soldiers as they land and start coming out of the vehicles. Use many kinds of weapons to.

Warrior Cats Games and Stories!!!!! Warrior Cats Clans,Games, And Cats IDK Warrior Cats Studio Ram-dome LOL Warrior Cat Games warrior cat games!!!! Projects Made Before 2019 Fandom Studio! Warrior Cat Fans warrior cat games W A R R I O R S I C A T S I Feathersong and other's warrior cat. First, make sure you are playing on a desktop computer. It will NOT work on mobile or on a laptop, unfortunately. Secondly, if you haven't previously, download the most recent version of Python.Kind of like how Forge helps activate and store mods in Minecraft, Python helps your computer run and save data from Warrior Cats: A New Dawn.

The warrior cats game! (finished) on Scratch by Emberclaw.

HOW TO MAKE A ROUGE CLAN First off, you have to become a rouge. You can do this by eating the freshkill you catch to lose your 10 reputation points. Once you have less than 0 reputation, your clan will kick you out. You will have the option of either becoming a rouge or creating a new cat. You click on become a rouge. You will start off at Fourtrees. You can't make your camp at Fourtrees, because the gatherings are held there on the first day of every season.

For your camp, you have two options of the type of camp, if you like fighting and watching cats die, I would recomend Riverclan terriorory. If you like peace and quiet, one place I would recomend is in the gorge.

It's a bit tricky to find your way in, but once you find the way in and out, you'll be fine. There is something I call the Rouge Path, because you can hunt there (even as a clan cat) and not be attacked.

Downloadwarrior Cats, The Game

The Rouge Path is in Windclan territory. (I will put up pictures of good places for a camp if you like peaceful places.).

BUILDING YOUR CAMP You will need to make camp walls. To do this, you need to make thickets.

To make thickets, you pick up three brambles. (I will put up a picture of brambles later.) Once you have a thicket in your inventory, and have picked the location for your camp, you need to place it as close to the edge of the screen as you can. Sometimes, people try to center their camps on the square, and that's okay too. You should build the outside walls of your camp then make dens for your future rouge clanmates for better results at attracting rouges. Once you have started building you camp walls, you will need to decide where your camp entrance(s) will be.

You can have your entrance be a pool of water and use smooth stones (found by Riverclan) as stepping stones, or you can have a sort of secret entrance. Whitch is when you put a thicket by the edge of the water so you can go into the water to get into your camp. Or you can have regular entrances. Make sure to put moss by the entrances to get guards for your camp. ATTRACTING ROUGES To have a real clan, you need to have clanmates, so you need to attract some! To have the best chances at attracting rouges, make dens for them. You will need to get moss for them to sleep on.

To get moss, go up to a tree and scratch it until a patch of green appears in front of it. The patch of green is moss. Pick it up, and place it in your camp where you will want a cat to be. You should also put a piece of freshkill or two on the moss.


Mice don't work as well as other prey so I would sugest puting the mice on your freshkill pile. ATTRACTING A MATE Even a rouge needs someone to love! To have a mate, you will need to attract one.

To attract a mate, you will need moss, a shiny thing, and freshkill. You can only put down one piec e of moss, one shiny thing, and one piece of freshkill (rabbits work best for me), but the more moss, freshkill, and shiny things you put down, the better your chances are for getting a mate. If a regular rouge comes and is in the nest for your mate, you can drive them out if you would like.

To get the cat to be your mate the fastest, you should give them at least (though no more than three) one shiny thing a day. To have a kit it's the same thing. (though I have not had a kit. Yet) You can attract more than one cat to be your mate and be mates with both, bu with each cat, you can't have more than one kit each. OBJECTS This is a list of some of the objects in the game. Apple: A fruit with a delicious taste.

Riverclan queens will tell you to find them. Horse Tail: Feverfew: Comfrey: A plant with healing qualities. Applied to wounds to ease the pain, also helps heal broken bones.

Smooth Stone: Bird Feathers: Dead Rabbit: Dead Mouse: Dead Thrush: Dead Frog: Dead Squirrel: Bramble: Thicket: Shiny Thing: Twolegs can be dangerous, but they can leave pretty things behind. Moss: A comfey bed of moss. Can be used a a water source. ENEMIES Here is a list of the enemies in the game. Dog: Curious and will follow you. Can be lured onto the thunderpath.

Can not be fought. Adder: Can be found at the Snakerocks. Can be stalked, but if you pounce on them they will drain your health.

Can not be fought. Twoleg: Comonly found near Snakerocks and in Shadowclan territory. Can be male or female. Can not be fought. Clan Cat: Can be found almost anywhere. You can lure them onto the thunderpath, but will try to escape if a monster is coming. They will fight you.

You can fight back. TYPES OF CATS Here is a list of the types of cats you will see on the game. Novice: If with a warrior name, it is a new warrior. If with an apprentice name, it is a new apprentice. Easy to defeat. Apprentice: Easy to defeat, though not as easy as a Novice apprentice. Regular Warrior: Medium difficulty to defeat.

Ambusher: Can disapear and are the second hardest to defeat Scout: Fast and harder to defeat than regular warriors, but nat as hard as a Ambusher. Vetran: The hardest to defeat.

Can become invincible for periods of time. When defeated, it will disapear.

Loner: There is only one loner, Coco. Coco can change your name. Trainer: You can talk to the trainer at Fourtrees to learn new skills. Kittypet: There is one wandering kittypet who can take you to become a kittypet.

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And a little kitten. Bloodclan: There are four Bloodclan cats at the twoleg place. GAME CHEATS Here are some cheats for this game. As a clan cat, you can go to the Moonstone. To get to the Moonstone, follow the thunderpath on the side that Windclan's territory is on and at the very top, there will be a sign.

Go up to it and press and you will travel to Mother mouth. As a clan cat, you can scratch signs for moss.

As a rouge, if you try to enter a clan's camp, you will die instantly. As a rouge, you can not see Ember the kittypet. As a rouge, you can not use the bell in Riverclan territory to summon Ember, because it is not visible.

In v.13, you can enter Riverclan camp as a rouge using smooth stones In v.12, you can get a dream from Starclan, though it is very rare If you name your cat Firestar and Untoldtales, you will get two secret pelts If you name your cat Ember, you will get the 'Ember-pelt' If you name your cat Falconstar, it will be changed to Nicetryhacker You can name your rouge buddies Falconstar To get the kittypet collar for free, scratch the collar.

ATTENTION WARRIOR CAT FANS!!! Ok so i am making (planning) a warriors role playing game. Its not gonna be just typing its gonna be a real live 3D world ^^. Here is what i am planning for this game Born not made the warrior cats dont chose there names or what they look like or what there stats are. They are born with them.

In this game you dont choose your place or color or what you look like. When you first start you go into a kit that has no spirit (you are the spirit) in it. If a kit stays unclaimed it dies. You can be born in a clan, with rogues, and even as a kitty pet.

Death yes you can die, in all games you can die, but in this one it is different. In most games you have unlimited lifes. In this game you have one life and as a leader you have 9. If you die (or loose all your lifes as a leader) you go to starclan. Starclan will tell you you died and will send you back as a new kit. There is no promises you will be born in the clan that raised you, even if you are you cant tell them that or you can be sent to the place of no stars.

You can be killed after 14 hours of being logged out by other cats. To some people this might seem unfair but you can kill while someone sleeps right? Well when logged you sleep where you log. As a leader if someone kills you in there sleep you will kill them while you sleep.

Inactivity Inactivity is taken seriously in this game. If you dont get on in 7 days you will die and become a kit again. As a leader though you need to get on every day. A leader has an impotent role in a clan. He/she runs it and is in control. Every day a leader is not on they loose a life.

After 9 days the leader dies and becomes a kit again. The deputy will then have to go to the moonstone and become the leader. Place of no stars (banned!) If you are reported for legit reasons you can get sent to the place of no stars.

Download Warrior Cat Games Free

Here you can walk aground. It is always dark, there is no prey, and the plants are all dead. Rarely you might run into other banned cats. You are aloud to talk but that is all you can do here. You can get reported for the following reasons: Talking about a past life, cussing, talking out of character, and doing inappropriate things. Kids will be playing, make it a safe game for all ages. A report is carefully looked over by people, not robots.

Warrior Cats Online Virtual Game

Kits born with problems sometimes you make become a kit with problems. You can be born blind, deaf, mute, lame, and even not able to smell. If you do become a kit with one of these problems its not because you were bad, its just because sometimes things like that happen. I want to make the game as real as it can be and birth defects is a part of it. Starclan Starclan is very important. They speak to medicine cats and the leaders, even sometimes to some other warriors. They can cause the moon to be covers by clouds and stop a gathering.

Warrior Cats Game For Free

They can even send warnings of coming disasters. They are very important to the clan. Leaders leaders are in charge of the clan.

They have 9 lifes. They give kits mentors and apprentices warrior names when the time comes. They name the deputy and what they say is law. Deputy if the leader dies the deputy will take the leaders place. They are in charge of camp if the leader is away and make patrols. Medicine cat Medicine cats are very important. They heal the wounded and read the signs given by starclan.

They Collect herbs as well. Warrior code. The warrior code is very important to all clan cats.

If broken the leader has the right to punish the cat that broke the code. It is taught to all apprentices and kits. Fighting In the book fighting is one of the main things that happen. Well in this game fighting happens to.

You can fight any cat. You can also kill cats.

In most games you cant fight your own fraction. Well in this game you can fight your own clan members, you can even kill them. Its a part of life and i want this game as real as it can be in all aspects.

How can you die You can die by: being killed by another cat, eating poison, getting bitten by a poisons snake, getting greatcough, getting sick, another animal killing you, getting ran over by a monster, ext. Mating The only way to have kits as you know is to have a mate. Well kids play and what kind of kid wants to see 2 cats getting it down?

No straight kid, so when you try for kits you just get a huge heart over you for 5-10 min. You may or may not get kits. Also, this is only only thing that the other cat has to get perdition for from the targeted cat. No rape aloud. Updates As the game becomes popular there will be many updates.

These will be voted in by people, for example I could c more info (coming soon i've been tying for a long time now XD). I have an idea. I read in the comments that somebody said what if it's a holiday or you can't get on the game whatsoever. I think if you're a deputy and your leader cant get on, the deputy takes over until further notice. If not, both cats should die unless the cat can reason. The gender should be a genetic thing. If the family has mostly ( Just an example ) toms, it's more likely to have a tom, but still possible to be a she-cat.

I simply don't care because when I roleplay on random sites, I have either a lot of characters or I choose a random gender. I find a problem with being blind. If you become blind, you can't see, so how would you be able to scent things.

Is it something you deal with or what? Follow up questions: Can you die from giving birth? If you can, would you be born as one of your kits? Do you actually have to memorize herbs as a medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice? Will you be able to get prophecies? Sports heads tennisgamerate. If so, do you have to tell the cat? Or do you have to figure out what does it mean?

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If you're a better cat that can get Starclan messages ( such as leader or medicine cat ) do you get a higher chance of getting the messages? Will there be small features that CAN be Starclan messages? I hope this is as good as it sounds!

I'm pretty sure I can tell people who know a lot more people. (my opinion): I think you should cent things as your walking around, like at the top of the screen it says what cent you are catching all the time. I think you should choose your gender.(. It sounds okay.

But the whole, if you don't log on you can die and have to start all over is a little eh. Also we really should be able to at least pick what we look like. It would add a sense of meaning. Unlike if we get something random. You also mentioned we could be born, Clan, rouge, or kitty pet. We should be able to choose this, as one might want to be a kitty pet while another may want a clan. This game does sound like it could be real fun.

Bu t also has a huge amount of things that should be changed. The thing about not 'logging on' can kill you is really quite crappy. Some people like to take breaks and should be able to. Also the leader losing lives because they didn't log in?! That is the reason why they have deputes. I would understand if this is a multiplayer thing, but if each cat who plays gets a whole little clan then why worry about loggin' on?

Warrior Cats Games Download For Free

Also, if we cant choose pelt color and things like that, at least we should be able to choose gender. So a girl doesn't have to play as a boy and vise versa.