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Mutant Chronicles is a futuristic world where humans inhabit the solar system, divided into warring mega-corporations. When the opening of a portal inadvertently unleashes an evil force, aliens corrupt mankind’s technology and threaten our very existence. 'Mutant Chronicle' follows Mitch and Samuel's mission to venture into the very heart of the darkness in an attempt to save the planet from marauding hordes of deathless mutants. They all will be dying as they plundge themselves into the 'Hidden City', now crammed with mutants. Mitch Hunter will be the final hero: he will succeed in closing the. Mar 6, 2019 - Explore Chad Hoblitz's board 'Mutant Chronicles', followed by 193 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about mutant chronicles, mutant, fan book.

After more than decades of classic merchandising, including board games, a miniature game, a line of RPG books, computer games, and over 170 million game trading cards sold, the new Mutant Chronicles franchise continues with the new miniature game Warzone: Resurrection from Prodos Games and the Mutant Chronicles RPG from Modiphius Entertainment.

Screenshotssonic edge of darkness dean koontz. Together with Modiphius Entertainment, Cabinet is working on the relaunch of the classic and very popular boardgame Siege of the Citadel in an updated version, involving many of the game’s original creators and popular, new artists. Stay tuned for updates.

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An Edward R. Pressman film, directed by Simon Hunter, and starring Thomas Jane, John Malkovich, and Ron Perlman was released in 2009.

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Mutant Chronicles follows the mission of a group of soldiers recruited by The Brotherhood as they venture into the very heart of darkness in an attempt to rescue the planet and all humanity from the Dark Legion.

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