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Donatehecking Gui
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I like to spend my time doing things like drawing, editing videos, and taking pictures. Dmg corporation los angeles. I've begun to do it more often now that I have more time on my hands. It's something I'd like to end up doing as a job in the future. This website includes some of my work from over the years, along with my resume.

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I've been doing art since elementary school, back when I first started creating characters with my friends. We would make up stories for the characters we made, sort of like little Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Since then, I've slowly gotten more into drawing, and I've practiced a lot. Along the way, I picked up video editing after I started a YouTube channel. I currently only do basic editing, nothing very special yet. I want to get into special effects at some point, but I don't yet have the software capable of it. Into my high school years, I took a couple drawing classes and a graphic design class. My drawing classes helped me practice my skills and get better, as I was given time every day to practice. Graphic design taught me Photoshop and Illustrator along with basic design principles.