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We've already had 13493 updates since Dolphin 5.0. Keep up with Dolphin's continuing progress through the Dolphin Blog: October and November 2020 Progress Report.
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Dolphin is an application that allows you to bring your Wii and Gamecube games on your PC and enjoy them. In practical terms, Dolphin is what’s known as an emulator, because it technically works by translating the games into a language that your PC CPU can understand.

Dolphin supports multiple ways to control how the in-game camera is modified, each control type is described below: Six Axis - offers full camera control on all axes, akin to moving a spacecraft in zero gravity. This is the most powerful free look option but is the most challenging to use. Free Wii Isos Direct Download; New Super Mario Bros WII ISO ROM Free Download For Dolphin emulator you can play this game on Android Mobile and PC Laptop Use Dolphin Emulator for pc Free apk android,New Super Mario Bros hack cheats codes unlock,New Super Mario Bros apk android walkthrough.

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Free Look is a Dolphin feature that allows manipulation of the in-game camera. Various camera types and configuration options are available.

  • 2Controller Configuration

Camera Control Types

Dolphin supports multiple ways to control how the in-game camera is modified, each control type is described below:

Six Axis - offers full camera control on all axes, akin to moving a spacecraft in zero gravity. This is the most powerful free look option but is the most challenging to use.

First Person - controls the camera similarly to a first person video game. The camera can rotate and travel, but roll is impossible. Easy to use, but limiting.

Orbital - rotates the camera around the original in-game camera. Has no lateral movement, only rotation and you may zoom up to the original in-game camera's origin point.

Controller Configuration

  1. Choose Options > Free Look Settings
  2. Click the checkbox to enable Free Look, pick a camera type for Camera 1, and then click on Configure Controller


The General tab has four categories of input that can be defined, a description of each category is provided below:

Move - controls specifically for moving the camera. The camera control type will determine how exactly the move works. For instance, moving left with Six Axis chosen will move the camera to the left. However, moving left with Orbital chosen will move the camera around the origin point in a circular motion.

Speed - controls how fast you move.

Field of View - controls the aspect ratio of the camera. The X and Y axis are independently changeable but changing them both at the same time will emulate a zoom effect. As the field of view x and y values get smaller this will lead to a fish-eye type camera effect. Doing both a zoom-out and a move in, (or vice versa) leads to a cinema effect called the 'Dolly Zoom'.

Dolphin Wii Roms Free Download

Other - options not related to movement. This includes a way to reset your position and rotation back to the in-game camera or to toggle off the free look camera temporarily.

Default Controls

Controls Action
Shift + W Move forward
Shift + S Move backward
Shift + A Move left
Shift + D Move right
Shift + E Move up
Shift + Q Move down
Shift + Axis Z+ Zoom in
Shift + Axis Z- Zoom out
Shift + 1 Decrease camera speed
Shift + 2 Increase camera speed
Shift + F Reset camera speed
Shift + R Reset camera position

These controls can be changed at Options > Free Look Settings > Configure Controller.

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