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Since March, we have been closely monitoring the evolving situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and were optimistic that by June, our camp would be open in some capacity. We know how important camp is right now after weeks of social isolation. Yet, here we are on June 1st with no fun, inspiring and safe way to provide campers with an unforgettable week at Days End. The safety of our campers, staff and horses will always be our top priority and after reviewing Maryland’s new policies for camps, we have come to the heartbreaking decision to close camp for the month of June. It’s a decision that we hate to make and we know so many of our campers will be disappointed after weeks of anticipation and the prospect of reuniting with friends, both the 2-legged and the 4-legged kind. We know how important places like Days End are right now and have spent hours discussing varying scenarios that would allow us to operate while keeping campers safe, but also inspired and engaged. Under Maryland’s current guidelines, which include social distancing, strict quarantine practices, small group sizes, face masks and regular temperature checks, we are not able to provide a meaningful camp experience that is also safe.

Days End is a special place where children are empowered and challenged to be their best. A place where horse-loving kids come together for a week of laughs, learning and new memories. It’s about wearing tie-dye on Fridays, games on horseback, leading your favorite horse in from the chute, watching once broken horses heal, making new friends and spending time laughing with old ones. It’s a home away from home. Even though we have decided to cancel camp for the month of June, we are still hoping to offer some form of camp once the state moves into Phase Two of reopening. We are committed to providing our youth with an experience at Days End this summer and will re-evaluate the status of camp based on the farm’s needs and Maryland’s guidelines the first week of July.

Regardless of what happens the rest of summer, we are dedicated to educating and motivating your children. Whether it’s at the farm or at your home, we want them to have an inspiring experience and feel connected to the horses they love. We will be posting opportunities for campers to enjoy a safe Days End experience throughout summer, whether it is a virtual meet-up with the horses or camp-in-a-box, we are determined to keep our campers engaged and having fun. Please stay tuned for details as soon as plans are finalized.


Our motto since this all began months ago has remained, hope is not canceled. We are in this together and will be better together because of it. We miss our community of supporters and can’t wait for the day we are all reunited at the farm we love.

How to open keygen on mac. If you have a child signed up for the month of June, we are happy to assist you as best as we can. Please click the link below for more information on your options.

The Junior Legacy program is for children ages 7-11 and is a great way to jump start your child’s volunteer experience at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR)!

Each day, participants will spend 5-6 hours learning about a variety of topics relating to horse care and handling, delivered through classroom instruction and reinforced through hands-on learning activities. Participants will also be given the opportunity to participate in one riding activity during each session.


Cost*: $250 for full day session (9:00AM – 3:30PM) for one week

Each session will accommodate only 25 participants, so registering ahead of time is critical.

Registration forms may be emailed, faxed or mailed, click the link below to download or complete online.

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Parent: “This was a fantastic program. I liked very much that my son got an opportunity to do real work and get a lot of time working very closely with the horses. The Student Service Learning hours were an added benefit. The price was a real value. I would definitely recommend this program to others.”

Parent:“The staff were absolutely phenomenal! Staff were super patient with my child, adjusted expectations to meet his needs, and helped build his self-confidence with praise and encouragement.”

Parent:“I had envisioned my child becoming involved with an activity larger than herself. The results were amazing. I think the horses have found a new best friend.”

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Parent:“We were very satisfied with our Legacy week with DEFHR. Telling lots of friends about it. We’ll be back next year for sure!!”


Legacy Stables is a full-service facility offering horseback riding and driving lessons, jumping, training and sales for your Morgan Horses. Located in Carver, Massachusetts, Legacy Stables is one of the finest equine facilities in southern New England. Located close to the northern Rhode Island and Connecticut border, we are ideally located to serve customers coming from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Legacy Stable owners and trainers Michael Murphy and Elizabeth Vaughan Murphy bring a tremendous amount of talent and knowledge to the farm. Michael’s background is extensive; starting in his youth being raised with horses, then later being fortunate enough to work with accomplished horse trainer experts Mike Richardson and Rick Stevens.

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We invite you to tour our website to learn more about us, and we look forward to your personal visit or inquiry.