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CWA DEMo or as we call it 'CwA Tester' is a experience that each and every cwa player will have a chance to play with. CWA TESTER will take place on a desert world. However this might not be tatioone. However if the player community likes it, we may use it as out tatioone model. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures was a Star Warsthemed massively multiplayer online game developed by Sony Online Entertainment. First announced on June 1, 2010, the game was part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars multimedia project. Although the basic game was free to play, premium content, including lightsaber and character customization, could be unlocked through a monthly subscription-based. A tribute to CWA. Clone wars adventures, last goodbye.-0. 0 Clone Wars Adventures Emulator In Full Development! 1 Hyena Brigade Wiki; Explore Wikis. Bring Clone Wars Adventures bring back (CWA) 59 people have signed this petition. Add your name now! Ashley Jones Arnold 48 Comments.

Clone Wars Adventures 1. Clone Wars Adventures is een reeks comics van Dark Horse gebaseerd op Star Wars: Clone Wars.De comics zijn kleiner van formaat en tellen 96 pagina's. Verschillende tekenaars proberen de stijl die gehanteerd werd door Genndy Tartakovsky te benaderen door allerlei avonturen uit de Clone Wars te vertellen. De eerste Clone Wars Adventures verscheen in juli 2004.


Sony Online Entertainment has announced its family-friendly Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is celebrating both its first year anniversary and reaching an 8 million registered player milestone.

To celebrate, Clone Wars Adventures is launching a new special mission, “Mission on Iceberg 3,” that will lead in to the first episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4. A new mini game, Aquatic Assault, will also be introduced.

Players can also earn two rewards: until September 16, and player who logs in will get a one-time gift of 5,000 Galactic Credits. In addition, players who log in on September 16 will earn “Vigilance” and “Negotiator,” Captain Rex’s chrome plated pistols.

Sony Online Entertainment also publishes Free Realms and EverQuest 2.

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Sony Online Entertainment to Celebrate Season Four of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Animated TV Series and One-Year Milestone with New Aquatic Assault Mini-Game, Promotional Items and Events

Clone Wars Adventures Download

SAN DIEGO, CALIF.Sept. 15, 2011 – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd., today announced that Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures (CWA) has more than eight million registered users in just one year! Clone Wars Adventures is a free-to-play, family-friendly online virtual world based on the popular Cartoon Network animated series, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

“LucasArts continues to be an excellent partner, giving our team unprecedented access so that we can continue to create a virtual world that expands beyond the storylines of the TV show in fun and creative ways,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. “This Free-to-Play game truly extends the ‘Clone Wars’ experience for fans and presents varying gameplay options to accommodate all types of players so that they can enjoy this game in a way that suits them best. We are thrilled to have more than 8 million registered players so quickly and look forward to seeing our community and games continue to grow as season four kicks off.”

Season four of the television series, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, kicks off on September 16 with the inhabitants of the watery world of Mon Calamari on the brink of a civil war. Photos 20122013teach to be happy birthday wishes. Both the Jedi and Separatists will assemble amphibious forces to battle for control of the resource-rich planet. Fans of the series can log into CWA to play Mission on Iceberg 3 for an exclusive storyline that sets the stage for episode one of season four.

Additionally, SOE is creating a new mini-game Aquatic Assault, a top-down 2D action game set in the Mon Calamari battle depicted in the premiere episode of season four. Players will take control of Kit Fisto and his Diver Propulsion Vehicle and attempt to defeat waves of enemies including Aqua Droids, Quarren and Karkaradon.

“Our partnership with Sony Online Entertainment has helped expand The Clone Wars franchise across multiple mediums, making the fan base stronger than ever,” said Mary Bihr, VP of Global Publishing at LucasArts. “Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures has reached this benchmark because of its authenticity to The Clone Wars storyline, immersive gameplay mechanics and easy online accessibility that caters to both young and old.”

To celebrate this milestone, SOE will be offering a number of promotional in-game items and community events, including:

· 5000 Galactic Credits – Log in at least once from September 12 through September 16 to receive a one time grant of 5000 credits
· “Vigilance” and “Negotiator” – Log in on September 16 to receive the ‘Vigilance’, Captain Rex’s chrome plated pistol and the ‘Negotiator’, Captain Rex’s other chrome plated pistol

Clone Wars Adventures is an action-packed browser-based virtual world where fans can live out the thrills and excitement of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series on Cartoon Network. Players can battle alongside their favorite Star Wars characters, including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Ahsoka Tano. Players can go online to experience fun mini-games, daily activities, events, rewards, lively social environments and competitions.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and up, with content descriptors for Crude Humor and Fantasy Violence.

Cwa Demo Clone Wars Adventures Walkthrough

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