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Play as one of our brave, intrepid explorers on an adventure through five fantastic maze worlds. Collect the crystal shards as you go, unlocking the challenges and using your knowledge of grammar. Created by David Bodycombe, Adam Howarth, Simon Tayler. With Richard O'Brien, Richard Ayoade, Edward Tudor-Pole, Sandra Caron. A team of 6 contestants play a series of physical, mental, skill and mystery games across 4 themed zones gaining as many crystals as possible which determine how many seconds they get as they attempt to win a prize inside the Crystal Dome.

This is a list of games in the 2017 version of British game show The Crystal Maze, sorted by zone.[1]

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The coloured backgrounds denote the type of game:

- Mental
- Mystery
- Physical
- Skill

ALIS - Automatic Lock-in Situation

Aztec Zone[edit]

Name of gameExplanationTimeALIS
Balancing scalesUse a raft to retrieve sandbags and balance a set of scales to release the crystal3:00None
Word wheelTurn concentric wheels to make twelve 8 letter words2:00None
Water pipesMake three pipes to divert water into containers. As the containers fill with water, the contestant can grab keys to release the crystal3:00None
Dragon totem poleStack four blocks of a totem pole in the correct order to release the crystal3:00None
Raise the ballsUse ropes to raise a tray of balls and direct them into a pipe to release the crystal3:00By allowing three balls to fall onto the floor
Log balanceCarry parts of a temple across a log to release the crystal3:00None
Sliding planksSlide planks to create a walkway to reach the crystal2:30By touching the floor covered in fog or jumping across sections without using the sliding planks
Memory blocksNavigate a water obstacle course whilst remembering the order of blocks with symbols3:00None
Face symbolsArrange blocks so each face shows all four symbols3:00None
Symbol wheelsSpin wheels so all the adjacent symbols match2:00None
Water transportCarry water across a balance beam, avoiding swinging rocks3:00None
Water symbolsMove symbols into the correct section to release the crystal3:00None
Skull swingSwing a skull to knock down five gold skulls2:30By knocking off three black skulls
Tile wordsSpin tiles to create five words, then rearrange the last letter of each word to release the crystal3:00None
Vine swingClamber through hanging vines to reach the crystal2:00By touching the floor covered in fog
Unique symbolsFind three unique symbols from a wall of 100 symbols2:30None
Fossil assembleAssemble a spiral fossil then guide the crystal round it3:00None
Triple symbol matchTurn both wheels to find the matching three symbols on different sides of a rope ladder3:00None
Consonant crosswordComplete the words by placing the consonants into the crossword2:30None
Ball rollRoll three balls over a zigzag platform into a net.3:00None
Water symbolsWalk along a flat chord over water with a few ropes for support, put the four magnetic puzzle pieces hanging from the ceiling into the right place3:00None
Underwater labyrinthNavigate the chained crystal through a labyrinth which goes under water and across the walls2:00None
Red sandThrow bean bags at the targets which will release red sand into the hourglass which already contains sand but is losing sand, to release the crystal the red sand must be up to the white line2:00None
Lasso swingThrow a lasso at a hook and use this to swing across to the crystal2:00By touching the floor

Futuristic Zone[edit]

Name of gameExplanationTimeALIS
Planet swingSwing between five planets to reach the crystal3:00By falling off the planets onto the floor
Radioactive chamberUse grabs to pass the crystal along a chamber without touching the top or bottom2:30By touching the top or bottom with the capsule three times
Block gridPlace blocks into a grid, whilst adhering to a set of rules3:00None
Laser mazeNavigate a maze of laser gates to reach the crystal. Each gate opens for a fixed amount of time, during which you can pass through. Breaking a laser beam three times means the contestant is locked in.2:00By breaking a laser beam three times
Laser shardsPass through laser beams, collecting shards to release the crystal3:00By breaking a laser beam three times
Piano tuneMemorise a tune, fix the piano then play back the tune to release the crystal3:00None
Microchip motherboardNavigate a maze, plugging in microchips to release the crystal2:00None
Chemical riddlesAnswer two out of three riddles correctly to release the crystalNoneNone
Asteroid fuelConnect a flexible pipe to release the crystal2:00By disturbing three asteroids
Laser guideGuide a ring along a laser beam2:30By breaking the laser beam three times
Planet balanceBalance across five wobbly planets to reach the crystal2:00By falling off the planets onto the floor
Decoy ballsSpin dials to the correct position to open a container, then find the crystal within the balls3:00None
Laser targetsShoot a laser at numbered targets to add up to 1002:30None
Ball sortSort coloured balls into the correct tubes to release the crystal3:00None
Tube spectrumArrange coloured tubes in the correct order to create a colour spectrum3:00None
Button combinationPress the correct combination of buttons to illuminate the word CRYSTAL2:30None
Moving blocksStop all of the coloured blocks moving within their perimeter using different coloured buttons3:00None
Virtual realityNavigate through a virtual obstacle course that can only be seen by assisting team mates, going back to the start if player accidentally touches an obstacle3:00None
Planet ropesSwing across the planets hanging from the ceiling to get to the crystal3:00By falling off the planets onto the floor
CountdownPress every numbered button on the wall from 100 to 13:00By pressing the wrong button
Planet orderSlide the 8 planets into the correct distance from the sun3:00None
Button sequenceWhilst sitting on a spinning chair, memorise a sequence of eight coloured buttons, then repeat the sequence within ten seconds. If the wrong button is pressed or the sequence isn't repeating in ten seconds, the sequence will be played again.3:00None
Stroop ballsPlace each coloured ball into the tube stated on the screen, each tube will be a certain colour with a different colour written on the side in a different colour. The name of the colour written on the screen must match the name colour written on the side of the tube to be correct. Put twenty balls in the correct place to release the crystal2:00None

Industrial Zone[edit]

Name of gameExplanationTimeALIS
Reactor boxNavigate five spinning podiums, pressing buttons along the way to release the crystal2:00By falling onto the floor three times
Reset buttonsPress a combination of buttons to turn off lights and reveal a code to release the crystal2:30None
Carousel generatorTurn a carousel to access tools used to open a box containing the crystal3:00None
Pipe mazeNavigate the crystal along a pipe to release it2:00None
Number pairsConnect wires between pairs that are the same value3:00None
Pathway rollStop moving blocks to create a pathway for the crystal to roll down and be released2:00None

Clock calculationAdd and subtract various times to clocks in a sequence to release the crystal3:00None
Door codesCalculate the code to open a series of doors. The code to each door must be remembered to be able to exit.3:00None
Phone sequenceAnswer phones in a sequence, each giving a clue to the next one to answer.3:00None
Word gridPlace shapes on a grid of letters to make four four-letter words2:00None
Ball dropCollect balls as they drop from various mechanisms and fill a tube to release the crystal3:00None
Air jet mazeUse an air jet to navigate a ball around a maze3:00None
Pipework puzzleUse puzzle pieces to complete a pipe network on the floor3:00None
Shutter mazeNavigate a shutter maze to find the crystal and then escape the room2:00None
Pathway gapsRaise bridges in the correct order as the crystal rolls down a pathway3:00None
See-saw balanceBalance on see-saws to guide and release the crystal2:30None
Rope swingSwing on a rope to reach and press ten buttons within ten seconds3:00By touching the floor
Crate crawlNavigate through a three dimensional maze of crates to get to the crystal2:00None
Moving pathStop the moving parts in the right place to make a path for the crystal3:00None
IncineratorReverse the conveyor belt that's carrying the crystal to the incinerator by connecting the correct numbers, letters and symbols using the correctly coloured wires.2:30None
Upside down puzzleComplete the puzzle (such as jigsaw or slide) on top of a transparent window on the floor, then go underneath the window to see the eight digit code that opens the safe that the crystal is in3:00None
Letter searchFind the eight letters hidden around the room which are an anagram of the password that will release the crystal3:00None
Spinning mazeWhilst lying on top of a suspended plank, roll the crystal to the middle of a rotating maze2:00By falling onto the floor
Stop clockStop all of the clocks in the room (each starting with different times) at exactly 28 seconds2:00If three clocks are not stopped after 28 seconds
Ball pipesMove the red pipes so fifteen balls can each fall into the matching coloured container2:30If three balls fall into the wrong coloured container

Medieval Zone[edit]

Name of gameExplanationTimeALIS
Riddle scrollsAnswer two out of three riddles correctly to escape with the crystalNoneBy answering two out of three riddles incorrectly
Balancing treeBalance twelve apples on a tree to release the crystal2:00None
Word chainUse objects to form a word chain and release the crystal3:00None
DrawbridgePut planks in the wall to make a bridge to escape with the crystal2:00By touching the floor covered in fog
Room escapeFollow the clues to escape the room3:00None
Cannon anagramFire a cannon at targets to reveal an anagram of the crystal location2:30None
Fan assembleBuild a fan to blow a target an release the crystal2:00None
Synonym dominoesArrange the dominoes so adjacent words are synonyms to release the crystal3:00None
Numeral gridArrange Roman Numerals in a 3x3 grid such that the numbers in each 2x2 grid add up to a specific value2:00None
Portcullis mazeNavigate a maze of portcullises, raising each one fully before passing through3:00Being touched by the knight
Key collectionUse a hook to collect keys through a grill to open a chest3:00None
King's wagesSolve riddles to distribute coins between five containers3:00None
Potion riddlesAnswer two out of three riddles correctly to release the crystalNoneNone
Closing wallsGuide keys through mazes to unlock gates and escape the room with the crystal2:00None
Jester's puzzleDecode instructions to find where in the room the crystal is located2:30None
Jewel mineTransport jewels up a hill in a mine cart to release the crystal3:00By touching the floor covered in fog
Angled mirrorsMove mirrors to direct the beam of light to a target2:00None
Map stringPlace flags on a world map in answer to five questions. Then join a string between the flags and open the box with the same shape.2:30None
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Eastern Zone[edit]

Name of gameExplanationTimeALIS
Spot the differenceSpot the five differences between two adjacent rooms by placing a large ring on each difference3:00None
Candle pathwayRaise the gates to move the candle along a conveyor belt to burn the string2:30None
Yin YangRoll a black ball and a white ball down a ramp onto the correct place on a spinning Yin Yang2:30None
Dragon tubeUse levers to shake the crystal uphill through the dragon tube2:00None
Tiered houseBuild a tiered house on the hinged platform making sure the platform stays upright using the rope.3:00By letting three pieces of the house fall on the floor
Cannon and gongUse a cannon to fire a rock at the gong so it will bounce off and knock the crystal off of its stand2:00None
Knick-knack riddlesAnswer two out of three riddles correctly by putting the correct objects on the table to be transported into the basketNoneNone
Number TowerRotate the blocks so that each side of the tower adds up to 153:00None
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