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1.3 Property titles for owning real estate in Costa Rica. The property titling system also offers huge advantages for foreigners looking to purchase property in Costa Rica. It is exceedingly rare to find property or land in Costa Rica that is not already registered and titled; a fact underpinned by the ease and simplicity of checking that any real estate is fully legal and above board. In Costa Rica, sea turtles’ nesting rituals are fantastic natural events that can be seen throughout the year on both the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts. Turtle nesting is mainly a nighttime spectacle, although there are always some individuals that are late returning.

Nestling between the boundless Pacific Ocean and the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea; separating Nicaragua in the north from Panama in the southeast; dotted with countless volcanoes, swathes of dense jungle, and miles of idyllic beach; Costa Rica is a country of true depth and beauty that inspires even the most cynical among us.

Literally translated as the Rich Coast (and Costa Rica has plenty of it) this small, Central American country is celebrated for its biodiversity and the progressive eco-policies that have helped it to stay that way. Ecotourism is huge here, and the opportunities to experience the wild side of Costa Rica go hand-in-hand with everyday life.

Sp1 windows 7 32 bit. Locals, affectionately known as Ticos, are the first to extoll the virtues of the natural wealth of their country, and pride in the Pura Vida extends from the laid-back beachfront living of Tamarindo to the hustle and bustle of the capital San Jose. It is found everywhere; in Costa Rican culture, food, drink, and of course the warmth of local hospitality.


Famous exporters of gourmet coffee beans, bananas, pineapples, and other delicious tropical fruits, the taste of Costa Rica has also found its way around the world.

Costa Rica 1920 Kitsempty Spaces The Blog

It is perhaps then, no surprise that expats looking for their own slice of this promised land want to learn the ins-and-outs of buying real estate in Costa Rica.

Whether you are looking ahead to retirement, thinking about relocating for work or a new business opportunity, considering a truly spectacular holiday home, or you are weighing the pros and cons of real estate investment, this guide is for you. Here, we give you some background to purchasing in Costa Rica, examine your legal rights, list the key steps and some of the major pitfalls to avoid.

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Additionally, we discuss the technicalities of the sale and even touch upon the realities of buying property in Costa Rica, so you always know what awaits you on your property ownership adventure. Whatever your motivations for purchasing real estate in Costa Rica, read on to discover the inside track and be prepared for everything the process may throw at you.