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  • Omron HMI Nb7w-tw01b NB7WTW01B PLC Controller CE. Red Lion G315C000 G3 Operator Interface Panel LCD.
  • Phoenix Contact provides optimum command and monitoring devices for your plant. Phoenix Contact's HMI includes a wide range of products suitable for any type of need: from particularly efficient or standard models to mobile or fixed models for control stations.
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Higginbotham Mfg provides the industry’s best hay squeeze available today!

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Clients come to us because they recognize the quality and capability of our advanced hay squeeze. Whether you’re looking for a re-conditioned lift truck to suit your needs, or just the best available hydraulic hay squeeze attachment, Higginbotham Mfg is the go-to choice. We can even customize our equipment to fit your specific needs. When operators experience the performance of our hay squeeze, it will quickly become their go-to choice of hay squeeze equipment.

  • Our simple hay squeeze design operates on fewer control motions to achieve maximum performance in hay handling.
  • The shallow arms of the Higginbotham MFGHMI Hay Squeeze achieve increased grip pressure with a smaller, faster hydraulic ram.
  • Our hay squeeze provides reliable clamping with easier entrance and exit via simplified control operations.
  • Reconditioned lift trucks with our hay squeeze attachment can be built to suit your unique needs or specifications – contact us to learn how.

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Utilizing an HMI that is paired with a PLC, MMCI gives you complete control of your robotic palletizer. Featuring reliable Allen-Bradley controls, an operator can easily adjust the operations of the palletizer without being a robotic programmer.

Edit on the Fly

We have included our Pattern Pro building software so your operators can change patterns on the fly and avoid changeover delays - you can easily build new stacking patterns yourself directly from the HMI. We also provide pre-built configurations into the system to provide you with easily accessible industry-standard stacking patterns.

Programmability = Adaptability

MMCI Robotic Palletizers come standard with Programmable Logic Controllers which feature ease-of-use programmability that your operators can alter to meet the needs of your applications. Operators can quickly update any PLC coding within HMI that is used to monitor the QSP Cell.

Features Include:


Allen Bradley components, controls and operator interface as standard

Intuitive operator interface incorporating screens and buttons a novice operator will recognize

Quick changeover of sku palletizing with stored load configurations in PLC

Repetitive and consistent on ‘home’ dimensions

MMCI utilizes Allen-Bradley controls in every palletizing build. These intuitive and reliable platforms allow your team the confidence and precision to alter your palletizing procedures as needed on the fly without requiring engineering coding experience.

Phoenix Contact Hmi

QSP Smart-Base Integrated

At the heart of all QSP systems is the Smart-Base, a space saving innovation that incorporates the Robot Controller, PLC Controls, HMI and associated wiring into one centralized area. Download microsoft money 2008.

Benefits Include:

Small Footprint


Easy-Access for Maintenance

Incorporated Operator Interface

Protective Wiring Ducts

Integrated Power Supply

Hmi machine

Clean, Compact Look

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