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List of black documentaries films. Rare footage of one pilot boat photographing another while riding out a Christmas storm near the San Francisco seabuoy, 12 miles outside the Golden Gate. 2004: A White Christmas in Texas. No book-keeper would take any odds on a white Christmas in Texas, but a storm in 2004 on Christmas Eve brought that incredible rarity to most of the U.S.

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Christmas morning, we will all likely wake up to cloudy skies and no storm. But the weather is expected to deterioriate during the day. Snow and blizzard conditions are likely across western and central North Dakota. But the rest could be tricky. Warm air is expected to creat a chance for sleet, freezing rain, rain, and maybe even thunder across southeastern North Dakota and much of west-central Minnesota. These conditions may intrude into the greater Grand Forks area as well for some of Christmas Day. Depending on the temperature, this precipitation could create ice build-ups and power outtages. However, enough warm air is expected to bring temperatues above freezing over a lot of this area which will, hopefully, reduce these impacts.

Where the precipitation falls mainly as snow, total snow accumulations of more than a foot will be likely in some areas, along with whiteout conditions in blowing snow.

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Strong winds across North Dakota Sunday afternoon will likely spread across southeast North Dakota and all of Minnesota Sunday night and Monday, making travel difficult in any areas that have accumulated snow. This wind could also ccreate additional power outtages in any areas with ice coatings on power lines.

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The details of this storm are still impossible to determine as of this writing Friday evening. So stay tuned to the latest forecast before attempting any travel Christmas Day and Monday.

Christmas Updateperfect StormChristmas Updateperfect StormBig storm christmas week

Meteorologist John Wheeler