Centennial is a national leader in renovation, infrastructure improvements, new construction, sustainable initiatives and emergency services for facility owners. CCE specialise in building distributed antenna systems for Australian cellular operators. With skilled and experienced resources available for the design, drafting, installation, testing and commissioning of your in-building system, CCE deliver hassle free (and intermod free) solutions. Coca-Cola European Partners is a leader in one of the largest FMCG sectors in Europe’s most significant markets. We offer consumers some of the world’s leading brands and a wide choice of high quality drinks.

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CCE plans, builds, finances and manages alternative investments in the high-growth global sector of photovoltaics, thus creating sustainable value. Our team’s long-standing experience in developing, financing, building and operating photovoltaic systems goes hand in hand with our outstanding industry, market and technology expertise, forming the basis for professionalism in all photovoltaic installations delivered by the international CLEAN CAPITAL ENERGY Group. CCE has identified the challenges and opportunities arising from the growth of renewables, and is responding with expert solutions.

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The future of energy is renewable! In light of the increasingly perceptible global environmental consequences of extensive fossil fuel use, greater environmental awareness in the population and rising energy prices in the years to come, a growing energy demand will have to be met in the years to come. Yet our energy supply is still largely based on questionable raw materials like coal, oil or gas.
In order to ensure that our earth continues to be a place worth living in for future generations, we should be focusing on consequently using the clean, economically viable and infinite energy from the sun already today.


A clear mission: being the solution partner for the future of energy supply. From the outset, CCE’s top priority has been to supply environmentally-friendly energy for the future. At CCE, we pursue a solution-oriented approach that reflects our experience along the entire value chain – from development, planning and financing, right up to the construction and operation of photovoltaic systems. Around the globe, we offer solutions ranging from small systems for single-family homes to medium-sized commercial and large-scale ground-mounted systems, next to complex off-grid systems with energy storage. With this approach, CCE is already today contributing to a consistent global energy transition.

Think global, act local - the shift to clean energy for the benefit of our planet is a global challenge. To succeed in our mission of making a major contribution to the clean energy transition, we think globally and act locally in numerous markets. Our international team develops, plans and implements cost-effective and efficient PV solutions at many locations across the globe for various customer needs - whether on open spaces or on roofs.


CCE means reliability, performance
and allround service

CCE means reliability, performance and allround service

Supply security, economic viability
and environmental protection

Photovoltaics is a sophisticated and extremely reliable technology, which is growing rapidly worldwide thanks to its numerous positive properties and its excellent economic efficiency.

Global approach and developments


The CCE Group has built a global presence by establishing subsidiaries, joint ventures and share holdings. Worldwide, we currently have solar projects with a capacity significantly exceeding 2 gigawatts in various stages of development and implementation. Every day far more than 100 people are contributing to make our current projects a reality.

Developments in markets and regions > 50 MWp:

  • ITALY > 1,000 MWp
  • FRANCE > 500 MWp
  • CHILE > 350 MWp
  • KENYA > 50 MWp

CCE’s experience creates long-term project security. Large solar parks offer the most cost-efficient way to produce clean solar energy centrally – and in many regions, to produce electricity in general.

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CCE is your reliable partner for PV roof systems on commercial properties.Innovative technological advances and constanly decreasing costs have strengthened the position of solar energy on the decentralised energy market.

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For apartment and office buildings, shopping centres and municipalities

CCE offers complete solutions for your home

We are only as good as the sum of all our employees whose work contributes to the success of the company. That is why, besides high quality and the will to succeed, people come first. And it is precisely these people to which our corporate culture is aligned. Get started with us - at your own personal career level.

Our team is happy to answer your questions. Send us a message or email using
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We are customs brokers specializing in all sorts of goods customs clearance and with many years of experience.Our office cooperates closely with reliable transport and insurance companies with a view to the quick and effective protection of the interests of its customers in the handling and customs clearance of goods with the most competitive market cost.

The excellent knowledge of customs legislation, both national and European, allows us to provide you with complete solutions and proposals in the customs clearance of goods and in particular in the application of Financial Customs Procedures, such as Active-Passive Processing, VAT Exemption, Customs Warehouse, Savings , Temporary export of machines and other goods for production of work in third countries and re-importation, as well as many other specialized customs operations.

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