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Castlevania5-legacy.zip: File Size: 63 kb: File Type: zip: Download File. It has been a 35 years since Simon Belmont’s last confrontation with count Dracula. Once titled - more accurately - Castlevania: Special Edition, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is what Konami's first Nintendo 64 Castlevania title was meant to be when it was released early this year. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (悪魔城ドラキュラ黙示録外伝 LEGEND OF CORNELL, Demon Castle Dracula Apocalypse Gaiden: Legend of Cornell?) is a 3D action-platformer game developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo 64. It is part of the Castlevania series and it was first released in North America on November 30th, 1999. The game is both an expanded and remastered version of.

Castlevania 5: legacy movie

Castlevania 5: Legacy Movie

Platform:Nintendo 64
Tags:Action, Platformer
AKA:Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden: Legend of Cornell (JP)

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Castlevania 5: Legacy

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ratking says: ' Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (CLOD) came as a prelude to Castlevania 64, but in most ways they are the same game. CLOD had Castlevania 64 in it with more levels and two more characters. Castlevania 64 was a great game, but had something to be desired, Legacy of Darkness fixed that and more. '
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Castlevania 5 Legacy

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness (CLOD) came as a prelude to Castlevania 64, but in most ways they are the same game. CLOD had Castlevania 64 in it with more levels and two more characters. Castlevania 64 was a great game, but had something to be desired, Legacy of Darkness fixed that and more.
STORY (9/10): Well now, a Castlevania with a story that is good. Who would have thunk it? Each of the 4 character has their own story, and their own ending. Reinhardt has a love story, while Carrie has a story of family history. Cornell is a manwolf who is pursuing his kidnapped sister, with his bestfriend attacking him all the way. If those stories don't appeal to you, I'll tell you that each character has a few different bosses along the way.
GRAPHICS (18/20): Very good if you DON'T use the expansion pack. The expansion pack slows things down a little bit, but it is still fine to play. The enemies are in detail, and the levels are vast with interesting looking obstacles.
SOUND (10/10): Music that you will remember for ever. The levels have fitting music throughout. You will remember the different towers music, especially the tower of execution and Cornell's art tower. Also there is a nice cracking of Reinhardts whip, and an absorbing sound of Carries magic ball.
GAMEPLAY (38/40): This game is extremely fun. I mean it is still a jump-attack game, but there is so much more. You run from a Frankenstein, and also go through most of a level without jumping of getting hit, or you explode. Little things like those will drive you insane, but also keep you entertained. The subweapons of course are back, and each have three levels of power (this was improved upon Castlevania 64). Each character has different levels to fight in, and a different power to fight with. Plus Cornell can turn into a wolf, and Henry shoots with his trusty gun. Each level differs well from the one before it, so it does not get repitive, and there are different levels for different characters. This game is personally the best Castlevania game just because of it's high gameplay department.
REPLAYABILITY (15/15): A game I've beaten with all 4 characters twice. It is probably around 10 hours of play time to beat it once, but you will come back to do so with every character to hear their story, and then do it again for old times sake. This is one game you won't let go.
CHALLENGE (5/5): This game has its challenging parts throughout, but all in all is not too difficult to beat. You have to beat the game with Cornell first though, to open the other characters.
OVERALL (95/100): This is the greatest remake of any game I have ever seen, and therefor I greatly reccomend this over Castlevania 64. But this is personally my favorite game of the Castlevania series. The fact that is 3D makes it look much more realistic and scary. And the little addition of a story shows what the rest of the Castlevania's were missing. If you own a Nintendo 64 and like Adventure/horror games, I would highly recommend picking Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness up.