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In February 2013, Big Finish Productions announced that, following the conclusions of the Lost Stories and the monthly Companion Chronicles, they would be launching The Early Adventures, a series of brand new stories featuring the First and Second Doctors. The four-part plays star surviving lead actors from the original series, and follow a similar structure to the Lost Stories set in this era, mixing dialogue and narration.[1]


Series 1 (2014)[edit]

The first series consist of stories featuring the First Doctor. William Russell reprises the role of Ian Chesterton in the first two stories, while Peter Purves reprises the role of Steven Taylor in the second two. Carole Ann Ford plays Susan Foreman in the first story, Maureen O'Brien plays Vicki in the second and third stories, and Jean Marsh plays Sara Kingdom in the fourth. Additionally, Russell and Purves perform the Doctor's dialogue in their respective stories, while Ford and O'Brien perform the dialogue of Barbara Wright in the first two stories.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1'Domain of the Voord'Ken BentleyAndrew SmithFirst Doctor, Susan, Ian, Barbara, VoordSeptember 2014
2'The Doctor's Tale'Ken BentleyMarc PlattFirst Doctor, Ian, Barbara, VickiOctober 2014
3'The Bounty of Ceres'Lisa BowermanIan PotterFirst Doctor, Vicki, StevenNovember 2014
4'An Ordinary Life'Ken BentleyMatt FittonFirst Doctor, Steven, SaraDecember 2014

Series 2 (2015–16)[edit]

The second series consists of stories featuring the Second Doctor, played in all four stories by Frazer Hines, who also reprises his original role from the series as the Doctor's companion Jamie McCrimmon. Anneke Wills reprises her role as Polly Wright in the first two stories, Deborah Watling reprises the role of Victoria Waterfield in the third story, and Wendy Padbury reprises the role of Zoe Heriot in the fourth. In addition, the first two stories feature Elliot Chapman as Ben Jackson, originally played by Michael Craze.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1'The Yes Men'Lisa BowermanSimon GuerrierSecond Doctor, Polly, Ben, JamieSeptember 2015
2'The Forsaken'Lisa BowermanJustin RichardsSecond Doctor, Polly, Ben, JamieOctober 2015
3'The Black Hole'Lisa BowermanSimon GuerrierSecond Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, the MonkNovember 2015
4'The Isos Network'Nicholas BriggsNicholas BriggsSecond Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, CybermenJanuary 2016
Big Finish Early Adventures Download Torrent

Big Finish Early Adventures Download Torrent Kickass

Series 3 (2016)[edit]

The third series of the Early Adventures saw Carole Ann Ford, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves and Jean Marsh reprising their roles as the companions of the First Doctor, joined by Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright, who had previously portrayed the role of original Barbara actress Jacqueline Hill in the 2013 drama An Adventure in Space and Time, and Dan Starkey as the Sontarans. The second story also features actor James Joyce in the role of a new companion, Jospa. [2]

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1'The Age of Endurance'Ken BentleyNick WallaceFirst Doctor, Susan, Ian, BarbaraSeptember 2016
2'The Fifth Traveller'Lisa BowermanPhilip LawrenceFirst Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Vicki, JospaOctober 2016
3'The Ravelli Conspiracy'Lisa BowermanRobert Khan & Tom SalinskyFirst Doctor, Vicki, StevenNovember 2016
4'The Sontarans'Lisa BowermanSimon GuerrierFirst Doctor, Steven, Sara, SontaransDecember 2016

Series 4 (2017)[edit]

Frazer Hines, Anneke Wills, Elliot Chapman and Wendy Padbury reprise their roles as the Doctor's companions, with Frazer Hines also playing the Second Doctor. Other characters are also played by Anjella Mackintosh, Wanda Opalinska, Kristina Buikaite, Alistair Petrie, Debbie Chazen, Matilda Ziegler, David Sibley, Kerry Gooderson, Ewan Bailey, Alan Blyton, Judith Roddy, Adam Newington, Don McCorkindale, Richenda Carey.[3]

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1'The Night Witches'Helen GoldwynRoland MooreSecond Doctor, Polly, Ben, JamieSeptember 2017
2'The Outliers'Lisa BowermanSimon GuerrierSecond Doctor, Polly, Ben, JamieOctober 2017
3'The Morton Legacy'Lisa BowermanJustin RichardsSecond Doctor, Polly, Ben, JamieNovember 2017
4'The Wreck of the World'Lisa BowermanTimothy X AtackSecond Doctor, Jamie, ZoeDecember 2017

Series 5 (2018)[edit]

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Series 5 was written and marketed as a 'season' of episodes, where each story directly follows from the one before it. Peter Purves returned as Steven Taylor and provided the voice of the First Doctor. Maureen O'Brian returned as Vicki. This season featured the first appearance of the Daleks in the Early Adventures range.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1'The Dalek Occupation of Winter'Lisa BowermanDavid K BarnesFirst Doctor, Vicki, Steven, DaleksSeptember 2018
2'An Ideal World'Lisa BowermanIan PotterFirst Doctor, Vicki, StevenOctober 2018
3'Entanglement'Lisa BowermanRobert Khan & Thomas SalinskyFirst Doctor, Vicki, StevenNovember 2018
4'The Crash of the UK-201'Lisa BowermanJonathan MorrisFirst Doctor, Vicki, StevenDecember 2018

Series 6 (2019)[edit]

Big Finish Early Adventures Download Torrent Download

Series 6 was created as part of Big Finish's celebration of their 20th anniversary of publishing Doctor Who audio dramas. The series features a number of firsts for the range, including the first story to feature multiple Doctors and the first story to feature the Master. In a first for any performed Doctor Who media, this series also features the return of companion Katarina and the first performed story featuring the Second Doctor meeting the Master.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byFeaturingReleased
1'The Home Guard'Lisa BowermanSimon GuerrierSecond Doctor, Polly, Jamie, Ben, The MasterNovember 2019
2'Daughter of the Gods'Lisa BowermanDavid K BarnesFirst Doctor, Second Doctor, Zoe, Jamie, Katarina, StevenNovember 2019


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