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Confused by cat litter? Not sure whether there’s a difference between the cheapest supermarket brand and the $200 “it scoops itself” robot systems?

Never fear. There’s a rule of thumb that cat experts across the country agree on – how much work do you want to put into keeping the litter box from stinking up the house?

“The least expensive supermarket litters are usually effective, as long as you understand what they’re supposed to do,” says Megan Williams, the operations director for the Second Chance SPCA animal rescue and no-kill shelter in suburban Dallas, as well as a long-time cat owner. “It’s when people don’t understand how often the litter box needs to be cleaned – and how much work that might be – that they start to wonder if there’s something easier. The question to answer: How much work do you want to do?”

In this, easy equals cost, says Cathy Foster, a professional cat sitter in Chicago who has also worked with cat rescue groups. The more you spend, the easier cleaning the litter box gets. There are other considerations, of course, including how environmentally friendly the litter may be.

But, typically, the decision comes down to price and on how often the litter box needs to be scooped and cleaned, says June Matics, the director of content development for the Alley Cat Allies rescue group.

“Spending more may give you a litter system that’s more aesthetically pleasing, so you may feel comfortable with it being visible in your home,” she says. “These may include boxes with covers.

Some cats don’t like covers very much because they may be confined in such a space and unable to see their surroundings, which can make them feel unsafe. So pay attention to how she behaves in tight quarters before choosing a litter system with a cover.”

The experts’ advice for choosing a cat litter system:

The least expensive products are made with clay, which is mostly clumping products, says Foster. Scoop regularly, change the litter twice a week or so, and all should be well.

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Lightweight clumping litters, sometimes made with clay and other materials like corn fiber, are less heavy and therefore less burdensome to cart off. But they also cost around twice as much as traditional clay litters.

Automated systems may be no more complicated than replacing the filter for your heater and air conditioner; in other words, no scooping and throwing out a filter instead of changing the littler. “They’re geared toward eliminating the job of scooping altogether, for which some people are willing to pay a hefty price,” says Cathy – often a couple of hundred dollars for the system, plus the filters. One of the filters, good for a week, can cost more than a 35-pound of bucket of clay litter.

Featured Image: Lightspruch/Getty Images

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Video games are the best source of improving coordination, problem-solving skills, and concentration of the mind. It also helps in enhancing multitasking skills. Therefore, kids, teenagers, and even adults always enjoy playing video games. A study shows that about 1.5 billion people in the world are addicted to playing video games. However, very few of them might have any information about the games which they play. So, we provide a number of (50+) video game trivia questions for those people to know the information’s regarding the video games they play. It includes the releasing dates, originators’ names, etc.

Video Game Trivia

1. What is the name of the electronic systems used to play video games?


2. Which is the original first-person shooter video game?

Wolfenstein 3D

3. Who published the Far Cry Series?

A French video game company called ‘Ubisoft’

4. Who composed Wolfenstein 3D?

Bobby Prince

To glory my fellow brethren!. 5. Who is the main character of the video game Fallout?

The Vault Dweller

6. When the Atari Video Computer System (VCS) was released?

11 September 1977

7. The Atari VCS is also famously known as?

Atari 2006

8. Which company first released the Neo Geo?

NEC Home Electronics

9. When and which country released the game?

During 1987 in Japan

10. Which video game originated in 1978 and so far generated $14 billion revenues?

Space invaders

11. Which is the most popular game in the US?


12. GTA stands for what?

Grand Theft Auto

13. Which is the best-selling video game of all time?

Tetris with 170 million copies sold

14. What are Arcade games?

Arcade games are designed to play only one game

15. What are the three classifications of games?

Casual, Serious and Educational

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Video Game Trivia Questions

16. Where the Leagues of Legends Championship Series held annually?

In Berlin and Los Angeles

17. Who created Mario franchise?

Shigeru Miyamoto

18. Sony in collaboration with Nintendo designed what?

The PlayStation Prototype

19. In the game ‘Fortnight Battle Royale’, how many players can play simultaneously in competition?

Up to 100 players

20. Which famous video game is based on a park named ‘World JoyLand’ located in China?

World or Warcraft

21. What are ‘V-Bucks’?

The in-game currency of the famous video game ‘Fortnight’

22. Who composed the music of ‘Sonic 3’?

Michael Jackson

23. Who designed the game ‘Super Mario Bros’?

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka

24. In 2013 which eight generation home video game console was introduced?

Play Station 4 (PS4)

25. Who are the original designers of the popular game ‘Mortal Combat’?

Ed Boon and John Tobias

26. What is classified as mental health conditions by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018?

Gaming disorder

27. The famous video game heroin Lara Croft belonged to which game?

Tomb raider

28. The Vice city and San Andreas in GTA are inspired by which two real life cities?

Miami and California respectively

29. How many buttons are there in the Atari 2006 game?

Only one button

30. What is the Game Link Cable?

A device used to connect two Gameboys

Trivia Pursuit Video Game

31. Trivial Pursuit belongs to which country?


32. How the winner and loser are determined in the game?

The player’s ability to answer general knowledge and culture questions.

33. When the game is created?

15 December 1979

34. In how many categories the questions are divided?

six categories

35. Who released the Trivial Pursuit arcade game?

Bally Sente in 1984

36. When the online game of trivial Pursuit are released?

In 2003

37. What are the ways to answer the questions?

Multiple choice (choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4), spelling accuracy loose (imperfect spellings are accepted), spelling accuracy strict (spelling must be precise)

38. How many players can play Party Pursuit?

Up to three

39. Which country introduced a game show based on the game?

The United Kingdom

40 .Who hosted the game show?

Rory McGrath

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Video Game Quiz Questions and Answers

41. In which year the Game Link Cable released?

In 1989

42. In the video game 50 cent: Bulletproof which role is played by Dr. Dre?

Arms’ dealer

43. Who created the video game ‘Mega Man’?

Dr. Light

44. Which electronic company introduced the PlayStation prototype?


45. Which basketball legend was featured in the game Jordan vs. Bird?

Michael Jordan

Ask Questions Herewarrior Cats The Game Online

46. What is Azeroth?

A fictional home to humans, trolls, elves, dragons and other warring species.

47. The codename is given to the popular videogame character ‘Cammy White’?

Killer Bee

48. In which country the Atari 2006 video game is released?

In United States

49. What are the computer controlled opponents in the game ‘Street Fighter’?

Retsu and Geki

50. Name the characters of the video game Super Monkey Ball?

Aiai, Meemee, Baby, and Gongon

51. Who was the main character in the video game ‘Final Fantasy VII’?

Cloud Strife

52. In which game Mario appears as a villain?

Donkey Kong Jr.

53. When the PlayStation Portable (PSP) was released?

On 24th March 2005

54. Where the first headquarter of Nintendo’s located?


55. Who created the world famous video game ‘Minecraft’?

Ask Questions Herewarrior Cats The Game Free

Markus Persson

Video Game Trivia 2018

56. What was the most popular videogame in 2018?

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

57. Which action-adventure game was released in October 2018?

Red Dead Redemption 2

58. Who played the fictional character in Red Dead Redemption 2?

John Martson

59. Sider man was released for Play Station 4 video game console on?

7 September 2018

60. Who composed the video game Spider-Man?

Ask Questions Herewarrior Cats, The Game
John Paesano

61. Which video game won the award of the game award for Game of the year in 2018?

God of War

Ask Questions Herewarrior Cats The Games

62. Who designed the video game God of War?

Derek Daniels

Warrior Cats 20 Questions

63. The game ‘Celeste’ was created in how many days?


Ask The Human Warrior Cats

64. What is the name of the girl who is controlled by the player?


65. When the game was released?

On 25 January 2018

Hard Warrior Cat Questions

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