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How City Solutions Helps Your City. City Solutions is the hub for education, resources, and research on how to find solutions in your city. Whether small or large, Mid-Western or Eastern, City Solutions prides itself on its innovative and effective ways of finding solutions in each unique community. Melet Plastics Inc. 775 followers on LinkedIn. As Leaders in Engineering Plastics Solutions, the Melet team is dedicated to engineering custom plastic products that meet the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers. Melet offers a comprehensive array of services to ensure that every step of the development process is a success - from product design, engineering, material selection,. Solutions Downloads About Me Submit Program Contact Me Feel free to ask any question. Email. Comment. Submit. Powered by Create your own. Solutions Downloads About Me Submit Program Contact Me Let Us C E Book 6.87 MB Turbo C Compiler ( For Initial Level ) 3.5 MB Turbo C for Windows 7 4.46 MB Developer C Compiler (For Advance Level) 8.9 MB Google Chrome: Download.

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UX Specialists for Touch Devices

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Where Science Meets Art
ICS offers a full suite of UX research and design services, devising products that are easier to build and easy to use.

Embedded Application Development

Making Every Device a Smart Device
ICS applies our technical expertise and proven process to get you to market faster with a better product.


See how ICS fuses our extensive automotive domain knowledge and engineering expertise with state-of-the-art UX design and graphics capabilities to develop custom, integrated automotive infotainment systems.

Medical Devices

Let Us C Solution Pdf

Learn how ICS designs and develops complex, modern medical devices with our UX-first focus, strict product development process and quality management system.

Industrial IoT

Discover how ICS delivers smarter and safer embedded-system technology for manufacturing automation and industrial monitoring and control touchscreen devices.

Consumer Devices

With a predicted installed base of more than 30 billion smart devices by 2020, the market is getting crowded. Make sure your product stands out. ICS helps you develop appealing smart devices that attract attention.

Aerospace & Defense

When your mission is critical you need a development partner you can trust. We team with you to build high-performing applications and devices of unsurpassed quality.

'We are pleased to choose ICS. They went above and beyond during our test-driven development and proved indispensable during integration, also helping with non-Qt related technical issues. The overall productivity and quality of this project was increased with their presence.'

We sell renewable refractory material of specific mineral value. Below is a brief preview of what we have to offer:

  • Alumina Aggregate

    Melt Solutions crushes, dries, and sizes high-alumina materials for a host of applications. From flux blends to tap-hole sands and new castable manufacturing, we can meet almost any chemistry specification, and sizing specifications.

  • Calcium/Alumina Briquettes

    With alumina content ranging from 55% to 72%, according to customers’ specification, these briquettes go into solution in a ladle very quickly, fluidize the ladle slag, and allow the process of desulfurization to begin much sooner, and more efficiently.

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  • Mag/Carbon Aggregate

    Melt Solutions can meet any customer specifications and offer them cost savings with our recycled Mag/Carbon. We provide the refractory industry a range of products and screen curves that can be cost-effectively used in gunning blends, new brick manufacturing, and bank material.

  • MgO Briquettes

    With customer specified chemistries, Melt Solutions makes briquettes that are beneficial when used in steel-mill furnaces, for extended furnace refractory life, and coating.