56: The Grand Design

3D design Grand Blorr created by mino100615.alsh with Tinkercad. VOLUME 56: The Grand Design It seems like everyone in Odyssey is looking for something. As Emily pursues her hopes and dreams, she journeys in the Imagination Station to see Whit as a young boy. Penny goes hunting for happiness but her search makes her miserable. Grand Designs S20 playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaWDmyYlaXxUF4KmyYAyHvoYnYmDCmb1x. The 1957 3500 GT marked a turning point in the marque's history, as its first ground-up grand tourer design and first series-produced car. citation needed Production jumped from a dozen to a few hundred cars a year. Chief engineer Giulio Alfieri took charge of the project and turned the 3.5-litre inline six from the 350S into a road-going engine.

56:56: The Grand Design

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56: The Grand Design Solitude

Naval Architect, Arthur DeFever, has designed a remarkable collection of cruising yachts. Here are brief descriptions of the more popular models.

Click on the thumbnails below for more information and photos.

DeFever 34 Passagemaker
A fine small cruising vessel that finds its way into the most beautiful places in the world. Single stateroom forward provides accomodation for two.

39 Hudson Coaster
Normally powered by a single Lehman 120, the 39 foot Coaster is a tri-cabin design with an aft master stateroom with full head, a galley/salon combination, and a forward V-berth with wet head.

DF40 Twin Screw Cruiser
Good coastal cruiser with 400 gallons of fuel and 200 gal water capacity. Two staterooms, two heads. The hull is solid fiberglass. Twin 240-hp Perkins engines typical. Hard-chine hull.

DF40 Passagemaker
The Passagemaker was built by Jensen Marine in Costa Mesa, California. Usually powered by a single 120-hp Lehman diesel. Owners stateroom aft with head. Guest stateroom and head forward.

DF40, Downeast
The Downeast 40 looks very much like the Passagemaker 40. The bridge and windows are the tip off. Owner's cabin aft, guest cabin in bow. Two heads.

DeFever 41
A popular single-engine cruiser with two staterooms, each with private head. Comfortable and efficent at 7 to 8 knots.

DeFever 43
Full displacement offshore cruiser with two staterooms, each with private head. Large aft deck will carry the tender. Exceptional fuel and water capacity.

DeFever 44 Offshore Cruiser
One of the most popular designs, the 44 is perfect for the cruising couple. Exceptional aft deck area and bridge.

DeFevers Built of Steel
Atlas, a 42.5 foot DeFever shown here was one of six built in Guaymas, Mexico in the 1960s. At last report, Atlas was in commercial service, showing guests the wonders of British Columbia.

DeFever 45 Aft Cabin
Outstanding new update of the ever-popular DF 44 Offshore Cruiser that adds length and beam to yield fine cruising boat with two nice staterooms fore and aft, each with private head. See more photos ..

DeFever 45 / 46 Pilot House / 48 Euro
The 45, 46 and 48 Euro are recent designs (2008) but not currently in production by POCTA. See the DF 45 Aft Cabin model and the DF 50 Cockpit model,. Usual layout has spacious single stateroom for..

DeFever 48
Two or three staterooms, twin engines and a beautiful profile make this DeFever a fine cruiser with comfort and style. Currently in limited production.

DeFever 49 Pilothouse
One of the great cruising boats designed by Art DeFever known as a 'Raised Pilothouse design' or RPH that has been copied by many designers.

Alaskan Woodie
The Alaskan, by American Marine (Grand Banks), designed by Art DeFever.

DeFever 49 Cockpit Motor Yacht
The 49 CMY is sometimes referred to as a 44 + 5 because she is the same as a 44 but with a 5-foot cockpit.

DeFever 50 Cockpit
The updated design of the 49 cockpit model is now 50’- 10” overall with a full 16’ beam and 4’-6” draft. Check the link to the POCTA yard for more information. www.poctadefever.com

DeFever 52 Offshore Cruiser
A great long-range cruiser, the 52 is a 'flush-deck' design that yields amazing interior accommodations for her length.

DeFever 53 Pilothouse by POCTA
This new design is similar to the popular 49 RPH model. Now she is 53’ long with a full 16-foot beam.

Grand Alaskan 53
Beautiful lines by Arthur DeFever. Built by Tania Yard in Taiwan. Raised pilothouse style with two staterooms and two heads forward. The vessel pictured is a 2002 mode.

DeFever 53 POC Motor Yacht
The Performance Offshore Cruiser has a layout like the 52 Offshore Cruiser but it was designed for a higher potential cruising speed.

DeFever 56PH and 60 Euro
Beautiful 'raised pilothouse style' cruising yachts, just right for a live-aboard couple or cruising family. Built as a 56 with standard transom and a 60 with Euro style transom.

DeFever 60 Offshore Cruiser
A serious offshore cruiser of traditional design with amazing interior volume and comfort. Big sister to the 52 Offshore Cruiser.

DeFever 57 POC
This is the cockpit version of the 53 POC (Performance Offshore Cruiser). Its flush-deck design yields enormous interior volume with the owner's stateroom aft of the engine room. Guest cabins are fo..

DeFever 45 Pilothouse
A compact pilothouse design that is great for a cruising couple.

Grand Alaskan 60 - 65'
A series of beautiful yachts with lines by Arthur DeFever, the 53, 60, 64 and 65-foot models are all outstanding cruising vessels.
56: the grand designer

56: The Grand Designer

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