3 Types Of Writing Bisaya

Bisaya Common Phrases

Nonetheless, Bisaya, which is one of the 8 major dialects of the country, is the one being widely used in Visayas and Mindanao. So the following are the common Filipino and Bisaya words and phrases: These are just some common phrases you can use while exploring our beautiful country. When writing out a number of three or more digits, the word and is not necessary. Poland 2020 kitsempty spaces the blog. However, use the word and to express any decimal points that may accompany these numbers. Examples: one thousand one hundred fifty-four dollars one thousand one hundred fifty-four dollars and sixty-one cents.

Greetings (when meeting someone in the streets or isle)

1. Good morning/afternoon/evening. Maayong buntag/hapon/gabii.
2. Good morning, too.Maayong buntag sab/pud.
3. Where are you going? Asa ka paingon?/Asa ka padulong?
4. Just there. Naa ra diha.
5. I am going to your place. Muadto ko sa inyong lugar.
6. I am going to the market. Moadto ko sa merkado.
7. Where have you been?Diin ka gikan?
8. When did you arrive?Kanus-a ka miabot/niabot?
9. How are you?Kumusta ka?
10. I am fine. And you? Maayo, ikaw?
11. Fine, too /also.Maayo pud.
12. Goodbye.Babay.


1. Thank you. Salamat.
2. Thanks a lot Salamat kaayo
3. You’re welcome. Way sapayan.
4. Excuse me. Tabi.
5. I’m sorry/Forgive me Pasaylo ako.
6. I didn’t mean to do it. Wala nako tuyo-a.
7. Please don’t be offended. Ayaw ug kasuko.
8. May I pass? Agi sa ko.
9. I don’t understand.Wa ko kasabot.
10. I don’t know. Ambot, wa ko kahibaw
11. Just a minute./One moment, please.Kadiyot/Kadali lang.
12. Please speak slowly. Palihog hinaya pagsulti.
13. Please repeat. Usba palihog.

Asking a person for personal information

1. What’s your name?Unsay imong ngalan?
2. How old are you?Pilay edad nimo?
3. Where do you live? Taga-diin ka?
4. Where in Korea (Country or place)? Asa ka sa Korea nag puyo?
5. Where do you live here?Asa ka nag puyo dinhi?
6. Are you married?Minyo na ka?
7. Do you have children? Naa kay mga anak?
8. Who are your parents?Kinsa ang imong mga ginikanan?
9. What is your purpose here? Nag-unsa ka dinhi?
10. What’s your job? Unsay imong trabaho?

Asking for Directions

1. Excuse me. Can I ask something?Excuse me. Pwedeng mangutana?
2. Where is the (place)________?Asa dapita ang ___________?
3. Where are you going? Asa ka padulong/muadto/paingon?
4. I’m going to the office.Padung ko sa opisina.
5. Are you going to town? Muadto ka sa lungsod?
6. Is the church near? Duol ba ang simbahan?
7. What place is this? Unsang ning lugara?
8. What’s the name of this street?Unsay ngalan niining karsadaha?
9. Please show me the place. Palihog ipakitaa nako ang lugar.
10. What ride do I take? Unsay sakyan nako/ko?
11. Where do I catch the jeepney/bus? Asa ko mosakay ug dyip/bus?
12. Where will I get off? Asa ko manaog?
13. How much is the fare? Pila man ang plete?
14. Is this the place? Mao ba ‘ning lugara?
15. Turn left after the bridge. Liko sa wala, unahan sa taytayan.
16. Turn right at the corner. Liko sa tuo, diha sa kanto.
17. His house is near the market. Duol sa merkado ang iyang balay.
18. The church is across the plaza. Naa sa atbang sa plasa ang simbahan.
19. The hospital is behind the municipal hall. Sa kilid sa munisipyo ang ospital.
20. The school is behind the church. Naa sa likod sa simbahan ang eskuwelahan.
21. Is there any market nearby Naa bay merkado sa duol?

Shopping at a Department Store

1. How much is this? Tagpila ni?
2. Can I have discounts/special price?Pwede makahangyo?
3. Do you accept checks? Modawat mo ug tseke?
4. Can I choose? Pwedeng makapili?
5. May I see that? Patan-awa daw ko ana?
6. Can I try it on? Pwedeng isukod?
7. It’s a little bit tight.Hugot ug gmay.
8. It’s a little bit big. Daku rag gmay.
9. This fits me. Sakto ni nako.
10. Does it shrink when washed? Mokulo ba ni ug malabhan?
11. How many yards will you buy? Pila ka yarda imo paliton?
12. Please wrap it. Palihug ug putos.
3 types of writing bisaya sentences

Buying at the Market

3 Types Of Writing Bisaya Sentences

1. What would you like to buy? Pwede makahangyo?
2. How much is the price?Tagpila presyo ani?
3. How much is a kilo? Tagpila ang kilo?
4. How much do you want?Pilay gusto nimo?
5. It’s too expensive. Kamahal ra kaayo.
6 Any discount? Naay hangyo?
7. That’s already lowest price.Kinabaratuhan na presyo na.
8. Give me a kilo of rice. Usa kilo humay.
9. Here is my payment. Diara bayad nako.
10. Here is your change. Sukli nimo.
11. Is there anything else? Unsa pa gyud?
12. (I am your) regular customer. Suki.