19: Passport To Adventure

Jim Uszler hosts Passport to Adventure , a travel program that gives you the inside scoop from travel professionals, tour guides, and the locals who know where to find the interesting and unusual. Jim has been traveling for over 30 years and has visited over 30 different countries. Guests on the program will prepare you for your next travel experience. Whether it is in the United States, Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, or the outback of Australia, you will want to listen to “Passport To Adventure”. .

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Passport to Adventure is the 19 th Adventures in Odyssey mainstream album.Its episodes began airing on the radio starting on November 13, 1993 and finished on April 2, 1994. 1 day ago  Disneyland and the California Adventure theme parks, which remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, are ending the popular Annual Passport.


19: Passport To Adventure Trip

19: Passport To Adventure

Another great AIO album, this one contains a blend of adventure episodes, historical episodes, a few comedies, the introduction of Katrina, and a few 'normal' episodes, and even an emotional episode with the Barclays into a good variety album.

The album begins strongly with an exciting adaptation of the Pilgrim's Progress. Although this episode is a very shortened version of the classic Bunyan tale, it serves as a good introduction for those who would be interested in the story. (I would still recommend reading the original, though.) The sound effects were especially interesting due to their departure from anything you would usually hear on AIO; the battle scene with Apollyon is very good.

The only average AIO episode in The Bad Hair Day which doesn't really deal with any AIO plotlines and is not especially interesting. I did like the solution at the very end, however. Interesting idea.

The two historical episodes are A Time for Christmas and The Potential in Elliot. The Potential in Elliot functions almost like a Room of Consequence episode instead of a Imagination Station one, since the user sees the consequences of their actions. It's a fun episode and we learn a lot about the life of Thomas Edison. A Time for Christmas is a good episode, but feels a little rushed since it is forced to put not only the entire history of Christmas, but also a modern day dilemma in one short episode.

The introduction of Katrina occurs in this album in two very good episodes, Truth, Trivia, and 'Trina and Naturally, I Assumed.. Uninstall skype 7.59 for mac. The first episode shows Eugene discovering something about himself—the fact that he is not the center of the world, while the second episode deals with faulty assumptions. The friendly relationship between Connie and Eugene in the second episode is particularly nice.

The comedy episodes on this album are some of the best. The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!' is a funny episode with an interesting storyline, highlighted by one of the few good uses of Harlow Doyle. Aloha, Oy! is one of the funniest AIO episodes ever. The Barclays and Rathbones in this episode are perfect counterparts. It's fun to see all of the storylines work together and then come together for the conclusion. This episode also brings the Barclays back into the center of the AIO picture. Finally, A Prayer for George Barclay begins a huge shift in the Barclays' lives. This storyline affects every single other episode of which they are a part. A good emotional closure to this section of their lives.

Favorite Episode: Pilgrim's Progress Revisited

Rating: 3 1/2 stars


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